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Does anybody have a report on rock crawling?

Query by pznivy68: Does any person have a report on rock crawling?
I have to do a report on rock crawling, but I have no concept what it is. i have tried various sites and they truly never have alot of imformation. If I wanted photos, now, that they have.

Very best answer:

Answer by fishonmaine
Rock crawling is a sport in which a particular person(s) drive their very modified vehicles up steep, rocky trails where a normal 4 wheel drive vehicle would by no means dream of going.

Most rock crawlers have heavily modified engines created to deliver a higher quantity of torque to the tires. In addition, most critical rock have suspensions with a wonderful deal of travel and articulation. This is to make certain that the tires stay on the ground (so they can get traction).

Right here is a very good post to read http://www.hiinternational.com/content articles/art5_en.cfm?topicId=5&id=290

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