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Date Confident: How to Avoid Crawling Under a Rock

Dating is a pain in the ass sometimes, I’ll admit it. No matter how good it is still a process of separating the idiots of the guards. If you are looking for something casual or serious, it’s all about keeping the queue full data. Handling rejection becomes part of the process, but I admit I still get down when things do not work. Even when a woman bumms I was not even interested in it will not return my calls. Everything is easy to crawl under a rock and play World of Warcraft too much rather than get involved again.

Here are some of my strategies to maintain confidence in myself and in a great mood to date and meet other women:

Being busy!

One of the worst things for your confidence is sitting home alone looking for excuses for why you are not satisfied. I know I have more than a couple of nights a week where I’m only with “my” time, my social circle starts reducing and I get more depressed. The busiest usually I’m the best in planning excursions and stay connected with their friends.

Start planning regular night to go take a class, or try a new hobby. Not only will you meet new people, try new things always reinforce confidence faster than anything. When you go do something to send a text inviting people en masse. Even if no one shows the invitations are just social karma bank. You’ll get more invitations to do more.

Have a backup plan.

Nothing makes me worse than a last minute cancellation. So I’m stuck with a whole night that I prepared to go out and I have just been at home watching movies. Do not let some stupid flakes ruin your environment, it sends the last minute, calls to see what friends are doing. Also, try to find a regular event every night of the week that can be used as a backup plan. Here in San Francisco can I find a salsa class in every night of the week, and classes at my gym, martial arts studio, indy film theater, comedy clubs, music halls, and even museums. Make some calls and if no one in, get going anyway!

Get the phone number. . . it!

Single women are not the only people who want to get the phone numbers. Do not forget to exchange contact information with the cool kids, couples, and even women in relationships. Building a stronger social environment is key to being happy and secure. Add to invite mass and could soon be pleasantly surprised when his friends start showing cute one too.

Get your conversational skills in heat.

Like in a good mood to go out and meet people is a crucial element of his game. Get a pre-start routine, such as your favorite music or listening to a good amp you up comedian. Call a few friends to join you and even if he was not given to speak.

Start easy!

Not only will they walk to the hottest girl you see upon arrival. Start simple and go talk to some friendly people. One of the best ways I’ve found to get in the right direction (although I have been knocked down a couple of times) is going after a couple of guys standing flower on the wall in the corner. Ask them as an opener “Hi guys, how’s your luck with women tonight?” First know that they are not gay, secondly, his fate will be more pathetic than yours. Giving encouragement often someone makes a better mood than you could imagine.

The other advantage is that kids will probably still carry sit there and can be used as a comfortable place to come back when you have finished talking with another group. Maybe even try to introduce some new to them and you all of a sudden be the guy who knows everybody!

Not Crawl back under your rock!

I speak to so many guys who have problems and are discouraged with your dating success and really comes down to one thing. They get a bit of rejection or of having a bad date or the interaction and instead of picking themselves back up and get back out there a bad mood. There is confidence that the rock of yours! Exit and force yourself to go out and be more social.

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