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What is greater for off roading a Jeep Wrangler an automatic or stick shift?

Query by mybelle79: What is greater for off roading a Jeep Wrangler an automatic or stick shift?
I am looking to acquire a 2007 Jeep Wrangler and not sure if the manual trans or automatic is greater when off roading. Is the Rubicon really worth the value or the same as the X?

Best solution:

Answer by nufoundglory82
stick shift, guide transmitions allow you handle how significantly energy goes to the flywheel (gas pedal) and then how fast or much you want that to go to the wheels (clutch). It truly is just an additional level of management above your motor vehicle.

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12 Responses to “What is greater for off roading a Jeep Wrangler an automatic or stick shift?”

  • Jody D:

    I say manual. As far as model, it is by your preference.

  • grasshoppah:

    automatic… for torque multiplication…and ease of transition from varying conditions…

  • king-of-halloween:

    Stick shift but why a Jeep. They are continually being recalled for major problems year after year.

  • Dsonuvagun:

    Leave the vehicle (any vehicle) in an authorized parking lot, and try some off road *walking*. You see a whole lot more when you take your time. You won’t be contributing to noise or air polution, and you won’t be leaving tire tracks where animal tracks belong. You’ll gain a better appreciation for nature, and the hiking will improve your health.

  • wayne j:

    Here is the real score, an automatic if you’re going to be doing a lot of mud and smooth type hills. Get a manual if you plan on hitting the rocks or a lot of off camber hills.

    You want the automatic in the mud as it will spin the tires faster and help get them “floating” on the hills. Mud tires are made to be self cleaning and that means getting some rpms up and going.

    For rocks you want the torque that the low 1st gear of a manual will give. Manuals also won’t “slip back” or “rock on the rocks” (which is a 4×4 geek term for rolling backwards) like an automatic can. But, manuals can be a real trick to work and take a true higher level of skill.

    Take a honest look at how much time you plan on using it on road, in the mud, and over the rocks and then decide.

  • TERRY H:

    I have 2 Wranglers and a CJ7,one Wrangler has a stick and the other is an auto.I have gone to the sand dunes in Michigan and 4wheelin in some muddy fields around here and I like the auto.In the sand dunes you lose a lot of momentum when shifting,the mud isn’t that bad but when your going through ruts you have your hands full with the steering wheel.If you can afford it get the Rubicon,big difference between the X and Rubicon.

  • g_tastyfish:

    Most people I know prefer the auto the manual, it allows you to use the brake and throttle at the same time (a situation you’ll find yourself in often if you rock crawl or do other more technical off road driving) without having to add a hand throttle. The guys I know that have run or are running a manual have either replaced them with an auto when the manual fails or are planning to do so when their stick shift tranny finally gives up.

    The extras that come on the Rubicon (4:1 transfer case, locking diffs, 4:10 gears, Dana 44 axles, auto disconnect sway bar and fixed yoke transercase output shaft) generally justify the price from the factory; ie it will be more expensive for you to add all that stuff later, particularly if you’re paying somebody for the labor. It will really depend on the type of off road driving you plan on doing. If you’re just going to be cruising down the forest service trails or doing other non-aggressive or technical type wheeling that it probably won’t be worth the price.

  • kolowski4:

    To be honest it depends on you! My husband has a Jeep Wrangler Stick and he off roads a lot with it. With the stick you can control it better. Many of the guys in his Jeep club prefer Stick over Automatic for off roading. They say they have better control of the jeep when mudding and rock climbing!!
    * but if you want to do any rock climbing I suggest a good lift kit and skids to protect your under-body and gas tank*

  • Renegade:

    Automatic or stick?
    I’m into hard-core rock crawling, automatic is the ONLY way to go. It is so much easier to feather the throttle and brake in an automatic versus a stick when twisting up and over rocks. I have had both and prefer the auto.
    Now for your case. I will assume that you will not be doing any hard-core off-roading in your new Wrangler, so for trails, mud and FUEL ECONOMY, you might be happier with a straight shift. It’s really your preference.

    Is the Rubicon worth the price?
    What you plan to do with it is the question.
    If this Will be mainly a street Jeep then no.
    If you plan on doing much off-roading then consider this. The Rubicon has a lower range gear-set in the transfer case (helps it crawl over stuff much better), ARB air lockers in the front and rear differentials(A Great thing to have in the woods), and other modifications that make it a true Jeep.

    Just decide what you want to do with your new Jeep then choose.

    Hope this helps you out and Happy Wheelin’

  • ramairgto72:

    I would think that at some point you may want to drink a cup of anything in your jeep, or even change the radio and such or even put your arm around the person to your right.

    You may even be tired at the end of the day or for some reason hurt your leg or arm, then at this point your stick becomes a problem.

    Unless you plan to never get hurt, drink a shake, get stuck in traffic on a hill then by all means get the stick.

    I have drove both, and an Auto is just as good as a stick, even in the drag race world autos are here to stay becuse NOBODY can shift faster then a comp trans!

    Do the Auto, the stick may sound “offroad-ie” but the real world calls for an auto.

    How many “stick” H1′s are around? NONE
    Good Luck

  • Takarie K:

    If you ask me its how well you drive. . I like automatic because i don’t have to worry about shifting when I hang out the window to get a look at what I’m doing. Manual if you like the added responsibility.

  • Moose:

    Ok, picture this, you are climbing a steep hill in an automatic. Next thing you know, you stop going forward and start rolling backward (because all the fluid went to the back of the trans where it can’t be picked up). Kinda scary.

    Another picture: Say you did keep going up this same hill. Engine stalls, but your foot isn’t on the brake. You roll backwards. In a manual trans, you stop.

    One last picture: You are rockcrawling. Your auto trans overheats and you burn out a clutchpack, or worse yet, you punture the pan. You get to call for a VERY expensive tow. In a manual, (unless you fry the clutch) you can still hobble out (even with no fluid in it).

    Granted, I have 2 automatics now, but when it comes to offroad use, I’d much rather have a manual.

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