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What can I do to get my Jeep ready for some off roading adventures?

Query by gfrunyon4: What can I do to get my Jeep ready for some off roading adventures?
I am obtaining ready to carry my stock 1999 4cyl 5 speed Jeep Wrangler on a green/blue train guided off roading occasion at Rausch Creek Off Street Park. What can/should I do to get my Jeep up and working in prime situation and put together it for all of the abuse that is off roading? Back links would be excellent! Thanks.

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Reply by cannondale96
If there is nothing incorrect with it run it as is. A couple factors to make confident you have ahead of you go, one make sure you have recovery factors (tow hooks in front and back) 2 a tow strap. Other then that i say go out and have a fantastic time.

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2 Responses to “What can I do to get my Jeep ready for some off roading adventures?”

  • dirocyn:

    Green trails are usually fire roads or equivalent. I used to live up an old logging road you’d probably call a green, visitors would regularly lose mufflers and occasionally high-center full sized pickups, we even had to tow out a lifted Wrangler one time–it got high-centered axle-deep in a puddle. I used to drive that road in a Honda Civic wagon, which would bottom out regularly, though I only got it stuck once. You can handle these trails in a stock compact car if you pay attention and know what you’re doing. A stock Wrangler will have no problems unless you do something foolish.

    I’d say the most important thing is to have your vehicle in decent running condition. Don’t go off-roading in a car that will leave you stranded on dry pavement. Carry a tool kit, a winch or come-along, and a couple jugs of water. Good tires and a spare are absolutely a must!

    Blue trails are a little more rugged, take things slow and use a spotter for anything you’re not absolutely sure about. It wouldn’t hurt to add a lift kit, taller tires (pref. with double-walls and snow or mud tread), upgraded shocks–but I’m not sure if any of that is actually necessary. Pick your lines well and you’ll be ok.

  • rick b:

    Cann and dir are right, and if you are camping over night, cold beer and big cuts of tri-tip.
    Jeepers don’t drink and drive but know how to relax at the end of the day on a day of trail driving.
    Tread lightly and keep it green for the next guys

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