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What are some great off roading spots in Arizona?

Question by Ashley: What are some great off roading spots in Arizona?
I lived in Phoenix for a although and never been off roading. I want to go but I never know any great spots to do it at.
Does anybody know any or a web site to look them up at?
Also what would be a great off-roading vehicle/truck?
A jeep?

Very best solution:

Solution by metalshred95
4 peaks
Woods Canyon

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One Response to “What are some great off roading spots in Arizona?”

  • Chad P:

    If you like climbing hills and riding smooth and not all wild, i suggest the polaris 4 wheel ATV.
    if you want to ride crazy then i suggest a yamaha ATV

    MM 201 is in the East Valley, very large vast and flat, however there are several MX tracks hidden within its boundaries which will offer jumps and berms for you to hit. It is located just behind the Renaissance Fair off US 60.
    Free open riding areas in the East Valley are slim and few. Good Luck!!

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