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Uniden PRO510XL 40-Channel CB Radio

Uniden PRO510XL 40-Channel CB Radio

  • 40-channel mobile CB radio with superheterodyne circuit/phase locked loop for precise control
  • Constructed-in automatic noise limiter and squelch management to get rid of noise and enhance communication
  • Signal/RF meter and LED indicators to keep track of activity at a glance
  • Front-positioned microphone with additional-lengthy, coiled cord for hassle-free use
  • Ultra-compact unit for simple mobility two-year manufacturer’s warranty

Uniden CB 2way Radio 40CH compact As component of Uniden’s Skilled Series, the Pro 510XL CB radio gives substantial-performance 40-channel operation in a compact, ultra-mobile radio. This model operates on any of the 40 AM frequencies authorized by the FC

List Price tag: $ 49.99


2 Responses to “Uniden PRO510XL 40-Channel CB Radio”

  • Robert S. Miller:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Great Starter or Back-Up !!!, March 29, 2004
    This review is from: Uniden PRO510XL 40-Channel CB Radio (Electronics)

    I am partial to Uniden anyway, however this CB is great for a first time user or as a back up to a more expensive unit. I have been using CB for about 10 years and I always make sure I have a Uniden 510 available for a back up, or use it in a second car. It has superior range when used with a good antenna and the received audio is decent. I would suggest using an external speaker unless you have a super quiet vehicle. The anl switch cuts through static really well to improve reception, although it sometimes dulls out the audio of the person you are trying to hear. You can use it with a cigarette lighter plug with an adapter from radio shack for a few dollars. They will even show you how to hook it up. It all boils down to being a great CB at a great price. Remember a simple rule of thumb… An inexpensive CB on a good antenna will perform just as well as a high-end CB on a cheap antenna. Don’t forget to tune your antenna and have fun!

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  • HotRods4Ever:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Recommended to me by Friends and colleagues, February 19, 2010
    HotRods4Ever (Carson City, NV) –
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Uniden PRO510XL 40-Channel CB Radio (Electronics)

    Some off-roading friends of mine recommended, as a first time CB user, for me to buy this Uniden along with a good antenna. They were right, it is a spectacular radio and it appears the price on Amazon was the best around. They use 510 XLs for off-roading with ± a mile or so between them on the trails.

    Fresh out of the box, the quality of this Uniden is clear – clean, solid metal construction with robust knobs and cable connections. Bright LEDs on-screen, good squelch control, and clear led level indications as well. On the back, there is a connector for the antenna, red/black for power (with in-line fuseholder and fuse) and then an extra port for a Uniden external speaker. I would recommend the speaker for folks who mount the CB down low. I have mine mounted overhead so the 510 XL’s built-in speaker fires down at us passengers… it is plenty loud enough for me in my diesel pickup and I don’t even have to turn it up half way. But if you have yours mounted down low, the carpet may absorb the sound which makes the external speaker worthwhile – and they are not expensive at all.

    I plugged in the Uniden Pro 510XL unit in with a Wilson 1000 Mag mount base loaded antenna. The antenna is on my crew cab pickup roof, which makes for an excellent ground plane. Out of the box, I was up and running the first day I hooked it up. I could hear some conversations quite clearly, seemingly better than a clear telephone conversation. Of course, there is always chatter and conversations in-between folks talking if you are monitoring busy channels.

    Like any CB unit, the antenna (or antennas) makes all the difference. Most cars and pickups with an available flat mounting surface (trunk lid or roof) would do well with a Wilson brand antenna, other cars requiring side mount might accept a full whip well. Either way, get a good quality antenna and have a friend with an SWR meter help you tune it to maximize performance and avoid burning up your radio. I did not burn up my radio the first time without tuning, but with tuning I was able to bring the antenna right into the perfect safe SWR range.

    This is a highly recommended unit if you are just getting into CB, especially if you do not need all of the features of more expensive or complex units. The Pro 510 XL just gets the job done and does it well. Its a Rock Solid CB radio.

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