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Trail damage off roading with GM, Jeep and FORD

Rausch Creek Off-road Park on May 23rd,2009. The three of us and our camera man set out to have some fun. We got more then expected! Lots of trail damage this trip. I have the 2004 Ford F250 Superduty, my girl is driving the 2009 Jeep JK Unlimited, and our friend Joe is driving the 2000 GMC Jimmy with the S10 front grill conversion. The F250 obtained some body damage from a stubborn rock, the Jimmy’s front steering fell apart, but the Jeep walked oever everything like it was not even there! LMAO Feel free to comment on the video, ask questions and rate it. I had almost an hour of raw footage I compressed into this video, so I hope y’all enjoy!

25 Responses to “Trail damage off roading with GM, Jeep and FORD”

  • zack9912000:

    Who ever is driving the jimmy has no idea what they are doing.

  • dkbmx789:

    im deffinately a 100% Jeep fan, but i gotta admit, tht GM Jimmy is pretty kick ass

  • TaNgLeD2121:

    @FORDGTFANATIC well you get what you payfor, the f250 is an amazing truck, but a brandnew one is very expensive,… well it is for me anyway,….. a new one off the lot is around 60k,…… i can built one hell of a mudder with 60k lol


    60k? why so much my trucks a hunk of crap its worth no more then 3 thousand bucks lol

  • TaNgLeD2121:

    @FORDGTFANATIC yes but i know that a new f250 where im from comes no cheeper then 60k lol…… if ya got it spend it but if you dont you make due right ! lol like your channel man kicks ass..


    it helps to have lockers.. my 2wd f250 with an electric locker went through places my friends awd jeep cherokee got stuck

  • lacrosseman706:

    jimmys are so gay…haha…idk why people take these things offroad…i had to pull so many out..it gets annoying after awhile

  • TaNgLeD2121:

    i have a blazer and i love the jimmy’s too,……. but its hard to compete with the jeeps of road…..

  • ZR2PLD:

    i have a ZR2 sonoma with the torsion bars turned and 32″ BFG Rubicon KM’s and it’s great off road… i keep up with jeeps with 4″ lift and 33×12.5′s easy…

    my brother has 2 95 4-door 4×4 blazers with 2″ lift and 31×10.5′s and they do pretty well for how big they are and limited flex. they don’t suck by any means offroad… i have seen much worse from Cherokees… lol and the driver always has a big role in how “good” a vehicle will do off road.

  • ZR2PLD:

    yeah… the IFS on the S-series isn’t the strongest but it works if you take care of it. the idler arm will die efter every wheeling run no matter what… lol

  • snobum181:

    what size wheels on the jimmy?

  • 95maxxedout:


    mine was.. the steering wasnt. lol

  • 95maxxedout:


    they do but only at full lock and when i flex or hit a dip in the road that makes me go dukes of hazzard style..

  • bigrockslider:

    jimmy = broken

    there just not made to be wheeled.

  • tram064ko:

    what size and what of tires are on the jimmy they look almost like they would rub

  • wiliminawinstar:

    sweet video….i was rocking out haha

  • KAW42089:

    the jeep diffently coasted through that course pretty easily.

  • junior3382:

    which vehicle? The Jeep has a buold video on my page with the details, the Jimmy is a simple 2″ roughcountry suspension lift, and my F250 is a little more complicated. Total of 2.5″ of lift though to make it easier…LOL

  • chef979:

    hey what type of lift do you have on your thanks

  • jr19711:

    ya looks like she’s just driving along.i have a jeep grand cherokee & blazer.the blazer sucks off road

  • mrxhacker:

    Dam that jeeps nice. It makes the trail look so easy.

  • deathfactor050:

    That 250 actually has some flex to it, and big surprise guess who broke on the trail! As usual it’s the chevy with a broken front end lol.

  • junior3382:

    not yet, might soon though. Have some wheelin buddies out there. Just got back from a wheelin adventure in northern Maine. Didn’t get any video though….. next time…LOL

  • scottydontknow99:

    nice…have you gone to jackson nj or anywhere in central nj?

  • junior3382:

    Tremont, Pennsylvania

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