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Range Rover Off Roading

Rock climbing at Azusa Cyn and Gorman California.

25 Responses to “Range Rover Off Roading”

  • rangerover06sc:

    is it just me,or does any body else think that the range seems to crawl better with a wheel off the ground?

  • HotHeadCJ:

    rr clearly better

  • markcoe69:

    do these have a locking rear diff as well as the centre one? great clip. I So want a RR

  • Calimustang86:

    Um lexus aint shit RANGIE ALL THE WAY!!

  • roverdude99:

    for a truck with street tires and no lift i think it’s not to bad….but TC sucks….Lockers are the way to go…And all u have to do is break a ABS wire and you lost your 4wd

  • roxxas5:

    On the real?

  • perezcathy1:

    same weak rover…….

  • nyc1atl2:

    dude on the real though u suck @ video recording

  • 2Apimpnamedslicback:

    How do u get to Azusa cyn i live in LA and go to gorman so im guessing its close

  • landcruisers4life2:

    in the US all offraoders are becoming more road based, times are changing, and look who is our president now…pretty soon we will have to drive electric cars, if thats the case in going to build up a Camary with solid axles and lockers from one of my 80 series…

    Nobody sees a market for bringing over the real Land cruisers or Defenders or Patrols, its quiet sad that in the US nobody knows what a Land Cruiser is, they just know the Jeep

  • rangerover06sc:

    yah i wasen’t talking about the non-north amercan version of the land cruiser which i am impressed with,but the us 200 land cruiser seems to become more road based!!

  • landcruisers4life2:

    the Lexus is heading that way however the Cruiser is im my opinion the best in class still, you really will not know until you drive one. However worldwide Toyota has been expanding the 76,78,79 series and making the LC200 more of a luxury off roader, there is talk of around 2000 LC70 series being imported to the US in 2010 and also the LC200 will be availible with a turbo diesle.

  • rangerover06sc:

    again the traction control system was updated in 2007 along with terrain responce system witch is standard.Range rovers seem to become more capble while the new land cruiser and lexus version are becoming less off road capible

  • landcruisers4life2:

    100 and 200 series are two very different animals, the 100 series had rear and centre locker in US with factory optional front. And anywhere else in the world you get the 105 series with 5speed TurboDiesle and solid axles and lockers times three.

    The 200 series has a more refined TC then the previous model (100 series), anywhere else in the world you can get rear and centre lockers, not to mention the mighty 7X series

  • rangerover06sc:

    the land cruiser is bulit to more aggresively conquere off road obstaciles,but seeing how lockers on not considered optional equipement i don’t think most new cruiser are bulit to depend on they,check the toyota web page,they don’t even take about using front and rear lockers.

  • landcruisers4life2:

    the rovers is more refined yes, but no more effective then any other system. Any TC system will get the job done, the rovers is smoother and the Cruiser feels more as a viscous coupling from the older days. However you must remember the Cruiser is built to work with lockers and use the TC on road only

  • rangerover06sc:

    he had conciderably less wheel spin because he wen’t up a different part of the hill,and the traction control took alot longer before it would take effect on the lexus before it sent power to the other wheel,and on the range,articulation isn’t really a proboblem as proved in the video,the traction control system works alot faster then other similar systems!!!

  • landcruisers4life2:

    the reason the Cruiser spun tires that first time at around 7 minutes was he had his center diff open and was in high range,you can tell by the sound and the fact that both front wheels werent spining, all torqu was pushed to the rear however once he put it in low range and locked his center he had conciderably less wheel spin than the Rover and the cruiser kept all fours on the ground. Looks like a fun place to wheel.

  • rangerover06sc:

    yah but isn’t the rim size on a freelander farly small,i don’t think thery really make 20′ off road tires,for a range rover

  • jumbodoug:

    all terrain or mud terrain would make a difference to how well it performs anywhere.
    recently replaced the standard road biased tyres on my freelander with same size all terrains, what a difference. add muds to tht motor n go anywhere u like

  • rangerover06sc:

    that would be interesting to see them with 33″ off road tires,but i don’t think the vdc would like that very much

  • jumbodoug:

    at last
    someone prepared to give one of these a half decent workout. all too often bumping up a kerb going into driveway n they think thier ‘offroad’
    just imagine if youd modified this even with a decent set of tyres….instead of road biased
    nice demonstration

  • peanuts2105:

    The Rangy makes it look so easy

  • biangro:

    i love this car…

  • guicapone2:

    im RACIST…lol–jokin

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