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Off Roading on a Scooter Pt1 !!

I wouldn’t recommend it, but it is undoubtably fun xD So basically I find a road that very few vehicles would drive down, mainly 4X4 and dirt bikes would go there… But so will i !! You just gotta love doing stupid stuff for the sake of comments =)

25 Responses to “Off Roading on a Scooter Pt1 !!”

  • dezertlife87:

    ” weeee weee”, what a fag……

  • bfmv580:

    I’ve done some offroading on a 50cc scooter, its pretty good fun. I once went down a byway on it and this bloke looked at me asif i was the most stupid idiot on the planet, but atleast my tax is only £15 for the year…wooooo

  • savethefreak:

    However silly it may be xD haha

  • 67kneil:

    love off roading with my scoot

  • MonkeyShootsGoo:

    ……Brilliant ! haha

  • fkingjoy2211:

    “All riteee….” haha

  • savethefreak:

    Coming *giggity* tonight! =D

  • fkingjoy2211:

    bring on part 2 god dammit :D

  • savethefreak:

    Lmao thanks, could have been nasty!! =O

  • DragonflyKelowna:

    There was a big sweaty fish in that enormous puddle Danny…you would have been pulled under by the tennis shoes maybe. Good job riding skillfully to avert a fishy drowning. DK

  • savethefreak:

    You should have said so sooner!! Hell yeah dude! How about tomorrow ?? Whenever you finish work or whatever lolz. I finish college at 4 =)

  • LoD1Sharp:

    I loose track some times, i probly remember but i just go into autopilot most of the time, i also have a little 50 if you want to go for a ride some time….

  • savethefreak:

    Ahhhhh alrite, ive been in there few times… Went in there with a mate who was buying a bike, I borrowed a guy to pump up my own bike which was outside lolz =)

  • LoD1Sharp:

    the one near ashoka… dont really want to advertise the bike shop too much i wont get paid for it! nor will i get paid for advertising ashoka….

  • savethefreak:

    Which bike shop? Like, where in location? Doubt you know me personally haha, maybe seem me around once or twice…

  • LoD1Sharp:

    The whole lot dude lol i work in the local bike shop near there, dont suppose i know you? lmao

  • savethefreak:

    Which end? Yeah dude REAL near there hahaha

  • LoD1Sharp:

    Whitaker park at the end needs rebuilding so i can ride it :( do you live close to there??

  • savethefreak:

    Well you SHOULD! Btw ive realised the sound ‘you’ make, isn’t actually you its me and my commentating, but it sounds awesome lmao

  • savethefreak:

    Yeah but your bikes are made for it, Dave here cuts out in the rain for gods sake, drive him through a puddle he’ll initiate self destruct!! lmao xD

  • BrAddErZ958:

    Lmfao, I totally didn’t expect me to come in on the last bit XD

  • danmoto73:

    easy :D you ride straight through, most of the time you stay upright, now and again you fall off because of a pit or rock in the puddle

    offroad wheels are slightly more forgiving though, if i was on a scooter i’d probably be doing exactly what you were doing lol :)

  • TehBlindNinja:

    you tool lol

  • GuitarMasterGraeme:

    hehe :P ahh i see :P i bought new ones today too, check out my gear video :D

  • savethefreak:

    Oh wait no those gloves?? Nooo those ive always had, their not winter gloves, their bad my hands get freezing in them!! I have new ones now lolz =)

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