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Off Roading Ford Expedition

The Emerald dragon is pushed to its breaking point at exit 38

9 Responses to “Off Roading Ford Expedition”

  • fordwindsor351:

    I really dont understand why people treat their vehicles like this. I have a 98 expedition xlt 4×4 and would never do this stuff in mine. It seems that alot of people like to abuse their rides.

  • KingofComputing:

    i looked that song up but none of them sound just like this one, they seem different. are you sure that’s what it was, not a remix or something. thanks.

  • shithappens25:

    waterfalls by tom snare and i forgot what the first one was sry it was a long time ago

  • Mruhl316:

    whats the frist and second song ?

  • navigator012007:

    This is really hard on any vehicle. You know all that debri gets up in the engine bay and will cause problems later.

  • darckshadow21:

    that was probably one of the better shots that ive seen on youtube, im talkin about when you drove over the camera obviously, nice job… oh and youre a sneeky little bastard drivin on the shoulder that far :)

  • devon2208:

    kinda boaring ben in water above the hood in my blazer this doesnt even compare


    reversed pshycology this is reversed off roading

  • 98offroadFORDexpo:

    do u have a 97 or a 98?
    nice under carage, but i beat u!
    i have more rust than urs!

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