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Off-Roading 2010 Land Rovers in Scotland

You can find me atop a steep mountain alongside the Megget Reservoir in the countryside of Scotland where goats and rams graze in romance. For the new model year, Land Rover has revamped its top three suvs — LR4, Range Rover and Range Rover Sport — with all-new lavish interiors; hardware updates; slight design enhancements including LED headlamps and 21st century electronics, telematics and infotainment centers. These 2010 models — built from the ground up, inside out — are indeed the best Land Rover has ever manufactured; a far cry from the heritage years when Land Rover hit the scene in 1948. Distributed by Tubemogul.

25 Responses to “Off-Roading 2010 Land Rovers in Scotland”

  • fichtler:

    Wow, this host is retarded. Can I have my own TV show? I’m sure I could read the teleprompter without sounding like a third grader.

  • domeslacker:

    cause all those rappers and beverly hills soccer moms who buy range rovers sure do love to take em off road…….

  • Danny31365:

    oh dear
    This guy needs to get back in his hummer

  • MoskowTube:

    Хорошие тачки!

  • renatoyamane:

    A good car, but with NO SOUND?
    Try do something like this sound system:

    Renato S. Yamane

  • comicsvideogames:

    @justgetsome- You’re obviously unware that your mother is your sister!!! Yah dumb fuck!!HAHAHA

  • tarzwell50:


  • naha0123:

    Nice one to view…

  • jjbourne144:

    verry nice work

  • jjbourne144:


  • justgetsome:

    Why would I know the name of a cartoon character?

    If that’s the level you are on then I’m happy to say I’m not there.


  • Viruspirate:


    It’s a name, clearly you missed what I was trying to imply.

    It’s alright though I didn’t expect a simpleton such as yourself to comprehend it.

    I won’t bother replying back to any of your posts either.

    Good day Heathen.

  • justgetsome:

    What’s a cletus? you man cliterus?

    I’m an only child so that would be difficult. Stop saying things that either don’t make sense or don’t apply to me.


  • Viruspirate:

    @justgetsome You’re still a retard! Now go fuck your sister Cletus.

  • justgetsome:

    Actually it’s a homophone. A homophone is a word that is pronounced the , such as to, two and too.Homophones that are spelled differently are also called heterographs.

    Seek help for the anger issues.

  • Viruspirate:

    @justgetsome Lol? You completety missed the word you imbecile.

    “wrong homonym” That made me crack up!

    Learn to spell you stupid faggot.

  • CARLOS62B:

    All I can say about the Hummer is that it is too big for the UK Fire & Rescue Teams in Yorkshire to use it, Good Ground Clearance but too small inside to carry their whole team. The Defender is lighter but with more space inside for equipment and they don`t get stuck in tight spaces too.
    I would love to see a Hummer -v- LandRover Contest over a few different locations … it would be a interesting outcome.
    These POSH Landy are not my idea of a true OffRoading 4×4 .. they are way too fancy.

  • justgetsome:

    Who would take a $75000 SUV off-road into crap and risk scratching the paint all up or dents? I’m sure these thing are rarely ever driven in anything heavier than snow. Better off just telling it like it is, get a bumper sticker that says ’6 more years of payments and it’s mine’

    I hate credit rich assholes.

  • justgetsome:


  • Lollipop7077:

    где бездорожье??и чем он отличается от старого??

  • firedragon1992:

    the new range rover is like pornstar lol

  • justgetsome:

    I spelled it correctly, I just used the wrong homonym. you are more like ass pirate than virus.

  • tanusangelo:


  • tanusangelo:

    prove 2

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