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Off-Road Warrior! – 2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor First Drive

Senior Editor Edward Loh drives Ford’s newest addition to the F-150 family, the SVT Raptor. But this baja-ready truck is unlike any other F-150 ever made… Read the story here: www.motortrend.com

25 Responses to “Off-Road Warrior! – 2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor First Drive”

  • cds417:

    1.you need a nice ass work truck buy a Ford
    2,you need a gay ass show truck buy a Chevy
    3.you need a life full or problems buy a Dodge
    4.you need a truck that will never work for you buy a Nissan or Toyota

  • cds417:

    1.you need a nice ass work truck buy a Ford
    2.you need a gay ass show truck buy a Chevy
    3.you need a life full or problems buy a Dodge
    4.you need a truck that will never work for you buy Nissan or Toyota

  • birdmanman:

    Ford Raptor Forum .com


    I saw this truck in my neighborhood yesterday. They were pulling out my neighbors oak tree, it was pretty funny to watch. Does anybody own this truck? and if you do, could you tell me how it handles on the road, and for a truck how would you rate it? Thanks.

  • YourLoveLetter:

    @vinnieisraw my family and myself have owned a few dodge trucks they have lasted a long time and been very reliable. I think just depends on how well the vehicle is taken care of… you were probably just a shitty owner.

  • Nissan4x4x420:

    My 71 bronco destroys jeeps on the rubincon all day, and so dose my lifted i f s frontier!

  • hibobSOS:

    dude whatevey this truck can do a jeep can do 10 times better dude i like ford but not this body it just wants to be a chevy /dodge /jeep but the off road car/truck is1 jeep 2 chevy 3dodge 4ford ok so like dont sent a ford to do a jeep job and dont sent a dodge to do a chevy job you may say i like jeep and chevy becuz i do but this truck is just flat out ulgy man and your not off roading for speed ;P

  • raptorbeast644:

    what i want to know is what anyone in the entire maket has put up to compete with the raptor go run any truck u can find and ill put my money on the raptor every time so just shutup because u sound like an ediot say anything can beat the raptor off road

  • onesick77:

    @TWALLIZE honda bikes, dirt bikes and quads are american made they have been for awhile but yeah i know the name of honda makes harley riders laugh but yeah i get your point and another thing is lets line up a ford mustang any you want stock tho and put it againist the new Nissan GTR ill put $100 on it that your mustang you choose loses. the GTR is the fastest car you can buy with your money. check the facts.

  • vbp6us:


    You’re absolutely right on all those points. I used to own an SRT-4 as well and I can attest to the deterioration that occurs with little time/usage. The new Mustang is where it’s at, imo.

  • landon460:

    @MPLSTORM Damn it you stupid son of a bitch! Your still at your lies and stupidity I see. Once again bashing Fords because you have nothing better to do and no real world facts for your opinion. Once again you are twisting my words around. I told you a long time ago that Ford helped get dodge started by letting the Dodge brothers weld up some frames and frames only for Ford and your fucking up the stats by saying Dodge use to build Ford trucks. Your a moron and everyone agrees. Kill yourself.

  • BeatHunter420:

    I say add another 2 inches to the hight and make the crew cab a little bigger for the perfect offroad party bus.. oh yeah, cant forget tight grip beer holders

  • BeatHunter420:

    hottest exterior since dale earnhearts ‘Big Red’ silverado

  • BeatHunter420:

    Mmmm GMC sierra


    this truck is sick…the white and black are the best colors….fuck European trash and japanese trash cars…Ford mustang, Raptor and Harley Davidsons represent American stock of kick ass cars!

  • felipestcruz:


  • cofini:

    wow all you guys live sad sad lives.

  • cudaplaya12:

    @sexyhedon ok what happens if a tundra rolled at 60 u fuck nut every truck has bad gas miliage and people who buy trucks like that arent gonna pass up the most badass truck ever made and with the whole rolling if u were paying attention u would have heard him say the electronic in the truck can put it back in to controll if u go a little to side way the truck will do the perfect amount of breaking to make sure u dont flip, dodge ohmy they could beat ford if the egine was gone and the tires pop

  • MrHawkeyethe2nd:

    Ford=Best especially the raptor its so sick and GM=Glued metal Dodge=horrible hahaha idk any for dodge lol ford is the best like always idc what anyone says they can battle me about this because its true

  • witeass34:

    Why put wheels on it when it can fly?

  • donjitsuryu6:

    @sexyhedon buy a tundra?… ur pretty funny. lol. toyota tundra is one of the worst pickup trucks available. u want a real pickup, u buy a ford, a dodge, a chevy, or a gmc… this truck wasnt designed for mileage or towing. it’s for offroading.

  • TucksAndSkis:

    to all the people who are hating on this truck I have one question, what is your company doing to compete with this truck, NOTHING, this truck does stuff no other truck can!

  • sexyhedon:

    A review from a senior editor. Thats inspires me. Does Edward Loh camp, ride, or 4 wheel ? Get a wal mart greeter also. 100 mph,while off roading. Good luck with lawsuits coming. Because the majority of truck drivers are wanting to go that fast. Please mention what happens if it rolls at 60mph. Everyone will be dead inside! Still no long bed, no double cab, what is towing like with the 35inch tires, gas mileage sucks(notice they wont list it), and 42k. NO WAY!!. Buy a diesel! Or a tundra.

  • Joshua543215:

    offroad?! HAHA
    sand isn’t offroad!

  • chrisjtal21:

    @fsinatra420 well sold that dodge ram charger still running was not bragging just was saying that every dodge i have had has work just fine with no prob im glad you keep trucks with 600 + thousand miles i dont.i dont know how long that truck would have lasted but it was the reason i like dodge and well always like dodge

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