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Jeep Cherokee off road

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25 Responses to “Jeep Cherokee off road”

  • chrismane2009:

    sick ridee

  • m2haze:

    i came a bit @ 28 seconds. look @ the flex!!

  • MXHondas230:

    hellz yeah, I am too.

  • MXHondas230:

    yes they do!

  • 08ZXRider:

    Very cool.
    Gotta love the mirror!
    I have a TJ, thinking of adding an XJ to the stable, this makes me really want one now!

  • micahmx85:

    hey, i have a bi-viscous magnetorheological dampers on my duel cam suspension and i was wondering if i get mud in the release valve if that will damage the quad axle o-ring?

  • kaleibob:

    if i owned a cherokee I’d be a cocky sob too
    best rigs out there

  • nasonguy:

    love the broken side mirror, nice touch, haha.

  • unclebobisms:

    it’s a goodthing that side mirrors gone now it was holding you back lol that jeep is rugged

  • johnwdillon:

    that would be because…..(the correct answer is..) THEY ARE THE BEST..
    slight matter of opinion being as how i am a cherokee owner/driver, but yeah, the best.

  • jeepdriver19:

    Jeeps have the best offroad reputation around

  • thashogun1:

    side mirror

  • mgawad0:

    good car good driver:)

  • hckeypunk13:

    right hand drive? dont see that every day…

  • rockkrawler1:

    Yeah! sick sick trails!
    the kind i like….gotta love the xj with full coils! whats your tire size width??

  • bikerD15:

    off course americans are gonna give a foren car bad reviews

  • tgregory3000:

    Ive owned several 4X4s a Bronco, Blazer, Wrangler and Cherokee. The Wrangle and the Cherokee were the best by far and cheapest to keep going and the best performing, most reliable on or off road.

  • tgregory3000:

    Hey bikerD15, RR and LR are Notoriously unreliable. Its not a matter of opinion. Please look up the resale value for either car and you will see the drastic drop in price from a new to used RR or LR. The reason for the decline in price/value is that it is very expensive to keep a used RR going. RR does host a lot of off road races in Europe, but the vehicles in the races are far from stock and have a team of mechanics on hand to keep them going any race team does the same.

  • 03protegeES:

    its funny you say that. jd power and consumer reports for the past decade have been having a battle for dead last with Rovers and Kia’s

  • 420witchdoctor:

    I spent all of 1,257.98 (still got my reciepts) to lift my Cherokee 6″, got my Dana 60 in rear, Dana 44 in front, pipes for exhaust (did the bending and work myself), it already had a 2.8L GM V6 in it, and it went WAAAAAY more places than an oversized shitbox Landcruiser. 4Runners are better than Landcruisers, anyway, idiot. If I still had my Jeep, I’d show you up.

  • 420witchdoctor:

    LOL, their the best trail trucks ever built man, that’s why. Family car my fucking ass, retard.

  • SpidersA7X:

    the answer to your question is simple my friend………ITS A JEEP THING YOU WOULDN’T UNDERSTAND. OIIIIIIIO

  • ChillinCherokee:

    I live on an offroad park and see them every weekend. 52 weeks a year. Every variety, every year, every color. Most of the one that survive are Jeeps. Not RR or LR. They get laughed at. Like you. I guarantee my experience is beyond your contemplation. Just like my Cherokee. Good luck young laddy. Spray on.

  • bikerD15:

    Ur just lie the other jackass who tried judjing me by my age. And ya I ( and my familiy) have owned 2 cherokees, a wrangler, 2 RR classics, LR discovery 2, and a Landcruiser fj80. We got rid of all of our jeeps due to reliability issues. The others ( besides the disco 2) due to gas milage. I personaly have been off road with all our 4×4′s. And it’s just a well known fact that toyotas have some of the most bulet proof engines. What expirience do you have with other 4×4′s?

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