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Is there an benefit of driving a manual truck when going off-roading?

Query by Nick: Is there an benefit of driving a manual truck when going off-roading?
And what if you happen to be Off roading a guide truck that does not have 4WD?

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Reply by Nick R
There is constantly an advantage with the manuals. You can choose which gear, obviously that is much better. But the apparent disadvantage is the shifting.

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2 Responses to “Is there an benefit of driving a manual truck when going off-roading?”

  • Bear Crap:

    Try push starting an automatic transmission truck; wont happen.
    The clutch also gives you more control with traction. For example your on black ice or mud, you can slowly let out the clutch so the tire slowly starts moving giving more traction.
    You can also use the transmission with a clutch to slow down on steep grades. I do this often with my truck; I put it in 4 wheel low range in first gear and let the motor keep the truck going slow instead of over heating the brakes.

    There are other reasons why its better that’s just a few.

    As for 4×4 drive; it gets you into more places, gets you unstuck some times, better on ice, mud, steep inclines and sand but when you get stuck you are really STUCK!

  • USAFisnumber1:

    A good rule of thumb is do not go off road in 2WD if you do not have 4WD to get you back. Do not go off road in 4WD if you do not have 4WD low range to get you back. I put 2WD trucks in the same category as a car, meaning it is not intended to be driven off road.

    As far as manual, if you got a low range then it is not a problem as you can do at a dead crawl in low range without engine problems. Try it in high range or in a truck that only has high range and it can not do a dead crawl as the engine RPM and transmission ratio prevents it. The only way you could creep along is to slip the clutch and that will burn out the clutch.

    Besides that, you need to make sure you got adequate tires for off roading. Not necessarily over sized tires but sufficiently tough tires that you will not get holes from the sharper rocks. Most standard truck tires are not adequate.

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