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Is “Off Roading” a sport?

Question by Sara: Is “Off Roading” a sport?
Do you believe it is a sport? For all you men and women who off road, we all know it requires skill to climb, crawl, and mud via terrains without acquiring stuck or flipping. I just want some opinions given that most people believe it is just obtaining a vehicle off the street when it is a absolutely various thing!

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Reply by ckostura
I consider it a pastime.

I like to snowboard, i also do not think about that a sport both.

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3 Responses to “Is “Off Roading” a sport?”

  • Dave:

    Off road competition is a sport. Same as NASCAR is a sport.

    Recreational off roading is just fun. It’s a hobby.

    And sport fishing is a darn good excuse to drink beer!

    : )

  • nocash123:

    when i take my jeep out i get pretty serious but no trophies there are races for example the x games off road then you have the baja 500 its a skilled sport that is also a hobby you can get a trophy for it but taking a ford taurus on the dirt is not the same thing try and have that climb a 45′ angle hill ha

  • rick b:

    yup its a sport, google king of the hammers race

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