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Is a jeep wrangler or a assortment rover sport far better for off roading?

Query by luke: Is a jeep wrangler or a range rover sport much better for off roading?
I was just questioning if a jeep wrangler or a variety rover have been greater for off roading in common.

Best answer:

Response by JetDoc
I suppose that depends on your definition of “off-roading” If you just want to zip down a couple of filth roads, then the Range Rover is a fine car to do it in, but if you want to get down to some significant rock crawling, the Wrangler is much better

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3 Responses to “Is a jeep wrangler or a assortment rover sport far better for off roading?”

  • rdrunnrfla:

    go with the jeep they were made for it.Lower cost on repairs.

  • Brbnkseaj:

    The Jeep Wrangler is better off road. The range rovers are very competent , but are designed more for luxury and comfort. The Wranglers also have removable tops and doors and fold down windshields, which can all improve visibility. More importantly, they have a huge variety of aftermarket upgrades available. I owned a 2000 Wrangler and now own a 2013 Wrangler Unlimited and they are both fantastic vehicles.

  • Skoda John:

    A standard wrangler probably does not have much advantage off road.
    The sport is not made as the off road specialist here a Defender or an LR4 will be better.
    However the sport is very competent and with the air suspension and all the electronics does well
    It also depends if you have the optional locking rear diff on the sport.
    On road the sport is much better.
    It is also much more comfortable off road than the wrangler.

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