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Hummer H1 Off Road Driving COMPLETELY Underwater Experience!

Amazing footage of a Modified Hummer H1, or Humvee, or a КАЛИСТРАТ!!? off road driving under water in a river, will he make it???? What an experience!! The hummer’s(?) exhaust is completely submerged and the rest of the Hummer goes under water. Video Marketing and Video SEO by VideoSeoServices.com http
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Hummer H1 Off Road Driving COMPLETELY Underwater Experience!”

  • variito11:

    joderr!! los HUMMER son la hostia

  • noahno:

    That is not a Hummer…I’m surprised no one noticed

  • noahno:

    That is not a Hummer…I’m surprised no one noticed

  • EquipaPatriot:

    @chaser22081 Me, too. Then I wouldn’t have to spread the word about who is collapsing nearly every nation’s economy, starting wars, raising the price of oil, and what their plan is for the United States next year and beyond. Instead, people would much rather pay attention to what’s on network television and watch sports. That’s why we Americans haven’t risen up and revolted; we’re too busy caring about less than important crap.

  • chaser22081:

    @EquipaPatriot i wish everyone thought like you man :)

  • 95TurboSol:

    Holy Crap!

  • mrjackmehoffhard:

    sounds like a 4bt!

  • EquipaPatriot:

    5 miles per gallon city and 12 highway.

  • EquipaPatriot:

    @smallfrye182 Don’t blame them for being stupid. Blame it on the government’s propaganda machine spewing Gaea worshiping crap. Too many youth, now have been brainwashed into believing the polar bears are dying because the polar ice caps are melting, and the Earth is heating up (when this and last years have had record cold temperatures. Even winter weather has extended into April for some)…. Humans only make up 2% of the Earth’s pollution.

  • fudge150:

    even if it was oil there would have to be like 5000 fuckin gallons of it in there

  • classicmstang:

    @27WINGSONTHEROAD sounds like me and my family

  • classicmstang:

    @YourComputer1x1 lol wow you are just a retarded hippie that is this ne invention called MUD yep i happens in water and when you drive over it or something stirs it up it gets dirty and remember mud = brown oil= black idiot

  • TurdFerguson3264:

    @niggerhigger1030 Are you SERIOUS ?? How does this look not real ?? LoL GOOD NAME !!!!

  • smallfrye182:

    @YourComputer1x1 you dumbass liberal environmentalist always making up “facts” nothing even came off of the vehicle. and EVEN if it did, 100 of these vehicles could not cause an oil spill. IDIOT.

  • zeck60:

    21 Leute waschen ihr Auto nicht gerne.

  • Maennerspielplatz:

    COOL , ist ja einfach nur GEIL!

  • Aoodyint:

    New type of Hummarine

  • ExtraTerrestrials:

    russia is a paradise for offroad

  • paintballman79:


  • lustrded:

    This is gotta be the coolest thing I have seen in a long time

  • 1Motherfucka:


  • ap1fanatik:

    omfg this is awesome.

  • 1020dilan:

    @theschoolbusman =D

  • theschoolbusman:

    @1020dilan I Agree!!!!!!

  • 1020dilan:

    damn a best 4×4 video

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