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How rough are you with your Jeep Wrangler when off-roading?

Question by Philip Rivers ®: How rough are you with your Jeep Wrangler when off-roading?
-I just took my 2006 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon off-roading a few days ago. Nothing crazy, some off-road trails, fairly steep inclines. I had a bad experience with a Ford F-150 in the snow….so i have become a little paranoid. This Rubicon is my daily driver. I don’t want to tear it up, but still have some fun.

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Answer by HiHood
There’s often a lot of money tied up into these things just to rip em up. Both my Wranglers were YJs and one I had built pretty good. It was locked and would tend to get bent and dinged here and there.

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3 Responses to “How rough are you with your Jeep Wrangler when off-roading?”

  • Onkover:

    I must start off by saying that I personally don’t own a Wrangler. I own a Cherokee witch is considered to be the weaker bread. I am an avid off roader and have plenty experience wheeling with Wranglers.
    Being that your rig is very new and your daily driver I can truly understand your concern as I to have been in that position.
    Out of the box the Wrangler is one tough nut. The fact that you have a Rubicon is also a major positive. With the built in selectable lockers and the lower gear ratios it can take you places you would never think a stock rig can go. Just when you are in low range with or without the lockers engaged keep a light foot on the go pedal. I have seen many guys damage rigs for the shear fact of hammering the throttle when they really didn’t need to.
    Only bad about the Rubicon’s that I have heard is that the axle housings are not as strong as the cast iron units. Not a big deal with the mild to medium wheeling your talking about doing. This is only really an issue for serious rock crawler guys.
    So how rough? Rubicon Wrangler’s are named after and tested on one of the most famous trails known to off road fans.. the Rubicon. Jeep built it to handle the stress of this difficult trail in it’s stock form. Rubicon’s are one tough nut!
    The Wrangler line is still selling becouse of how tough it is off road. I would be abit more at ease if I was you. A f-150 is a good truck but the Rubicon was built to WHEEL!!

  • jeepsarecool:

    Trade it in on a Prius and save the planet.

  • jeepster:

    You are always taking a chance on something breaking or a ding when off roading.Personally I take my YJ up to the rubicon

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