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Baron von Nightmare – GSXR Off Roading…

Never ever do this. This is my worst ever encounter on a motorcycle. For some cause i made the decision to consider my GSXR1000 green-laning – yes I am a complete penis. I apologise for the profanity – i was losing the will to dwell. I could have simply broken my leg in 1 of the crashes, I had no cell mobile phone reception, no one knew where i was and worst of all, i had no Lucozade or Tracker bars to preserve my power in the wild… Just one particular Double Decker which softened the impact upon landing. Is this the final we hear of Baron von Grumble?… twitter.com BTW – I entirely blame Mototrippin for making off road search like enjoyable ) go seem and see!… www.youtube.com Harm report video: youtu.be BTW, ten% of camera things at www.actioncameras.co.uk with promo code “BARON10″

13 Responses to “Baron von Nightmare – GSXR Off Roading…”

  • bikenutter1:

    Or he could just be a dumb mofo lol ;)

  • bikenutter1:

    LOL! Funny. Reminds me of the time I went wild camping on my Varadero. Had a minor crash in the hedge on the way down there, but still pushed on to meet a mate that was waiting for me in the forest. I drove along a green lane in the complete dark, 6 inches of mud everywhere. Thankfully I had Bridgestone (dual sport) Trailwing tyres… 8)

  • UKRR:

    Just found your channel. You are a star. Proper bikes too !

  • BenzoXT:

    You must have well paying job to afford to take a Gixxer down a green lane, great video.

  • kingice247:

    Great video mate

  • tantorecords:

    I’m really curious what you expected and why you felt so unbelievably let down by this otherwise brilliant video? lol

  • liggjasjoensen:

    i got really depressed watching this but man… best video yet :=)

  • PyroSA:

    Awesome effort – but mud scares me!

    If I didn’t have a fairing, I might have tried something similar thing already. After I hit the gym a few times or something! And I’ve got a much lighter bike!

  • cazarflow:

    I enjoyed it, fight me

  • Co1lapse:

    Thing is, this kind of humour is lost on alot of non-brits. Because lets face it, Americans need their humour spoon fed. He knew it was a dumb idea, but did it anyway for our entertainment.

    Not branding all Americans like this, but a good few of you are really thick, simply not understanding the subtle humour baron portrays in his videos. Much like Alan Partridge…

  • sjclack1:


  • CHRacingHusqvarna:

    Sense of humour failure? How can someone not find this funny.

  • choongification:

    he’s butthurt because there was no mention of scooters

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