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A lot more Forester Offroading

Some far more off-roading in the Forester. Was on a badly-rutted utility access road and necessary to pass.

15 Responses to “A lot more Forester Offroading”

  • bluefox4848:

    Yep. That trick doesn’t work, neither does the handbrake trick. Really, once you get into a diagonal spin situation, you’re rather SOL.

  • bluefox4848:

    You can say that again, lol.

  • danitanev:

    Yes Subaru’s rear LSD’s are not made for offroading!

  • mishman363:

    you have WAY too much on your hands….i have a subaru and an 04 wrangler unlimited…prefer the jeep at the beach for 4LOW when needed…ive owned seven(98/99/00/02/04/06/10) different suby models..yet they dont compare to the jeep when its in 4LOW..i prefer to know that i wont get stuck instead of vdc this, and traction control that….not an issue in a jeep..sorry but the suby stays home on beach days…..

  • TheApesta:

    get vdc and off road tires

  • creamyfilling102:

    by applying brake pressure to the spinneing wheel, the differential sends more power to the other wheel that’s on the ground. it’s an electronic substitute for a lack of a limited slip diff.

  • Mrjmoyer78:

    Nice Forester man…..good video

  • phosphosic:

    Would have made the first attempt if you used a little brake to lessen the wheel spin. (diffs unloading) Punching it doesn’t always solve everything. ;)

  • slimjseattle:

    If this vehicle had traction control, what would have happened? I think (but not sure) that the system would detect wheelspin, apply brake to the spinning wheel(s), the torque would have to overcome the brakes, and in doing so, more torque would be delivered to the wheels with traction. And the vehicle would move forward. Is that correct?

  • cdawg4391:

    Did you try stabbing the brake while on the gas in order to get the rear lsd to kick in?

  • evelio813:

    I say you go extreme and hit that pedal all the way down and hope that after that you still have a front bumper. :D lol

  • hotwheelz95:

    how do seasoned jeepers get stuck on that?

  • 12Achilleas:


  • bluefox4848:

    Yep, but anyone, including seasoned Jeepers, get stuck and have to try it again. That’s how you learn.

  • AndyLC1144:

    first try was horrible

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