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5min off roading video, land rovers and zuks

Various off road clips from various off road trips, mostly landies I think. enjoy!! music: Lynyrd Skynrd : Saturday night special land rover, zuks and space men

25 Responses to “5min off roading video, land rovers and zuks”

  • Defender90Holland:

    Great stuf

  • jeepinGAboy:

    one of the best off roading videos i’ve seen on youtube 5 stars bro

  • JasnoGT:

    Dude, If you drove a black Bronco around the UK it would look so fucking evil!:]
    It would be very original. I dont know if you’ve seen any over there. I’ve seen youtubes of K5 Blazers in the UK. I used to own an ’89 black Bronco. Horrible gas mileage but who cares. It got me plenty of pussy. haha!

  • ruuman:

    mostly an old site called routes farm, unfortunatly it’s closed now

  • keidicko:

    Which site is this please ?

  • kesterriley:

    Yep, went there a couple of times in my Discovery when it first opened – but not for a while.

  • ruuman:

    oh cool, I really liked that suzuki, always did well. I think most of the footage is 2005 maybe earlier?
    Shame routs closed. have you been to the new site down there?

  • kesterriley:

    That suzuki that is at 3:06 is mine (well was till I sold it this year). This video must be quite old!

    If anyone is interested its not much of a Suzuki, as it has a Vauxhall Carlton Engine and Gearbox in it! And brakes from a rover, and an exhaust from a fiat!! Its known as a Vauxuki!!!

  • Clubonica:

    hi lol

  • behindthewallsleepin:

    i love that defender, that thing is sick! the drive knows what he’s doing!

  • CarCrazyKid1994:

    my dad imports american cars(1967 ford galaxie waz lat one) and bronco’s are easy to get hold of,import it urself,americans are only to happy to help with inspections and things=]

  • CarCrazyKid1994:

    the heritage!!!!

  • CarCrazyKid1994:

    lol u dont say……

  • ratboy69:

    there is zuks just in the background

  • ruuman:

    thanks for the comment, but please dear god enough with the txt speak. I had to read your comment 4 times to even see if we spoke the same language!!!!

  • ruuman:

    I think you mean Zuks, as in “Suzuki” jeep

  • 1230fergie0321:

    Dis is the sort of place i go wif ma bf n m8s off roading n landies are the best 4 off roading!

  • andertonblondy:

    no no no wat u want ive u want a proper offroader is a bowler wild cat iv not stik wid ur landies der de best

  • andertonblondy:

    wtf is a suks

  • driftke70:

    fair enough, first time ive spoken to a landy owner thats not full of it. I drive a zook, hardtop swb, im going to be selling the poor thing to get further into drifting. As you said, great offroad, but 1 foot of steering play on the highway isnt much fun. Take it easy.

  • ruuman:

    There’s a zuk @ 3.06, seeing as your from Aus I can see where you get your opinions from. Unfortunately here in the UK we don’t get any of the good LC variants or the more hardcore patrols. So the only cost effective option is an LR or a Zuk. A zuk is great if you only go off road, but if you need your vehicle for anything else it’s useless. But at the end of the day I just like LR’s

  • driftke70:

    watched the whole video and didnt see a zuk, bummer. And who ever said landrover and hummers are good 4wd, what are you basing this on, Landrovers have NEVER had any advantage over other 4wd’s. Patrols zooks and older cruisers have always had more flex, more reliability, more travel, better engines, the only thing i can think of is the alloy body not rusting, but ive seen a fender roll and it mushed like tin foil.

  • ruuman:

    I always wanted a bronco, shame they were never bought to the UK, I haven’t seen a single one for import ethier :( Thanks for watching

  • ColKurtz111:

    great shots guys, but you guys need to get some 80s broncos and blazers : )

  • blutuff83:

    you wont beat landies or hummers off roading, Im getting a series 2 landie soon!!!

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