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2010 Land Rover LR4 Off Road

2010 Land Rover LR4 Off Road

25 Responses to “2010 Land Rover LR4 Off Road”

  • 1loverever:

    only thing i don’t i like about this car is the looks……al though i like the looks of lr2

  • kendoniemcza:

    off road??

  • Eddo1998:

    Headtater I agree we have had 4 land rovers and we only use them on road but they are still great cars

  • HeadTater:

    I’m sure Land Rovers are great off road, but honestly, how many people will take their Discovery or Range Rover off road?


    So, where’s off road???

  • trevonlovesciara:

    I WANT 1 SO BAD BUT THEY COST WAY 2 Much 2 b a hi end ford

  • Sherwin930:

    @Mehar1996 ty bro

  • Mehar1996:

    @Sherwin930 My mom’s rr ss (06) has a not greeeaaat sound system, but it is pretty decent. It’s by harmon kardon, but it’s nothing like the bmw 7series’ soundsystem. It will be better than your honda’s

  • loadedlobo16:

    cause everyone who buys a land rover does this

  • 4svennie:

    Man, what a journey to the corner shop. Bet he tells his wife he forgot the milk when he gets back.

  • Antweezy58:

    mannn RANGE ROVER FTW! by the THE BEST vehicle out there. i didnt really want to spend $90,000+ for a vehicle and im more of a sports car person. the supercharged edition of this vehicle is amazing. bet there is no other vehicle out there you could look good in going to a fancy restaurant or hotel AND do some serious off roading with your friends and fam. RR is the best of both worlds. its a great investment. trust me. RANGEEEEE ROVERRR!!!!

  • ootsam:

    Look at that suspension work. The super hot wife in the passenger seat never even knew they left the pavement.

  • Sherwin930:

    I hav a question and don’t call me retarded for asking but does the lr4 have a good speaker system, because the one in my 2004 honda crv sucks, i want hope the speakers sound good like the one in my uncle’s H2.

  • hardystyle1771:

    Well honey… Were Buying A Land Rover

  • patrick5158:

    I HATE it when LandRover creates such nice cars! I can’t drive YET! Stop making me crazy!! ahhhhhh!.. I think I’ll hi-jack a RangeRover soon.. shit..

  • basborsboom:

    That were the Land rovers are made for niggas

  • berati15:


  • Soundgarden8497:

    @mtb416 1. win. 2. fail

  • mtb416:

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  • Soundgarden8497:

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  • mtb416:

    @Soundgarden8497 It was a joke and anyone reading your comments understands you’re a trolling, douche bag. Aussie’s are so god-damned stupid. A product of having a limited gene-pool.

  • Soundgarden8497:

    @mtb416 that was 2 weeks ago, fuck off noob.

  • mtb416:

    @Soundgarden8497 Hey, leave the Ford’s out of this, haha. You’re telling me you couldn’t have fun with a Raptor? Please.

  • jacobtraxxasman:

    @Soundgarden8497 u spelt fagot wrong

  • Soundgarden8497:

    @jacobtraxxasman that’s great, but never forget YOU = FAGGOT.

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