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what to do to my truck for casual mud bogging?

Question by : what to do to my truck for casual mud bogging?
i have a 1996 dodge ram 4×4 normal cab short box. i want to go mudding with some friends on the weekends or a couple instances a month. so i want to know what mods to do to it. its also what requires me to college and back each and every day so not an overkill. thanks.

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Solution by muaythaiguy
Perhaps lift it somewhat, and put some more substantial tires on it.

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3 Responses to “what to do to my truck for casual mud bogging?”

  • JetDoc:

    If you must depend on this vehicle for daily transportation, then leave it alone. Modifying it for “mud bogging” is the surest way to destroy your truck

  • Joel Keeley:

    I have a great settup on my truck 31 inch mud tires a two inch body lift and a new air filter are really the best way to go u probably won’t need the body lift because u have a full size

  • traxxasmaxx33:

    Either a 2 or 4 inch lift, bigger mud tires (not too much bigger than stock or else you’ll be re-gearing the axles) Something that may want in the future would be a Detroit locker to lock the diffs for better traction. You might want a transmission cooler (if you dont already have one) and trans temp gauge so you dont cook the tranny. Do some research on the internet to see what people are doing to there trucks too.

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