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What is the greatest truck to go mud bogging with?

Question by littlecobra35: What is the very best truck to go mud bogging with?
Chevy, GMC, Dodge, Ford, or Toyota?

Greatest answer:

Answer by Matt the MoparMan
Depends on the build. If you are going entirely stock, a toyota with 4wd is very best since it will be light weight. Chevy and GMC are primarily the identical, so let us phone that just Chevy. Now, if you figure a create into the image, it gets a great deal a lot more complicated. Chevy had some awesome engines and transmissions Ford had the best axles and differentials Dodge has a great deal of frame power and expandability. If you want to create a thing for mudding, I would start with a chevy. Personally I’m a dodge guy, but I’m far more into street rodding. But I know what I am speaking about when I say Chevy and Ford are your very best bet for mudding. So begin with a Chevy, like in the mid 80′s 1/two ton trucks. The transmissions on these are much far better sealed, and as a result far better suited for mud, than anything else. 4wd is essential. Get some great tires, like Super Swampers, and a winch.
If you can get your hand on a toyota for inexpensive, it really is a great investment if you can afford to place some genuine energy in the engine. The light weight is a huge advantage in mudding, but you are going to need to have a lot much more energy.

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