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What are the lyrics to mud bogging by colt ford?

Query by Holly S: What are the lyrics to mud bogging by colt ford?
I have been trying to find these lyrics for hours and I can’t so help would be great. Thanks

Greatest answer:

Answer by askfjsdlfkjasdflksdjfsd
Verse 1
Yes I live in a single wide, to get up here it takes a 4 wheel drive.
Got a imply ass dog whose name is Sickem Sam.
I got a motor hangin from a tree, a satellite dish and a trampoline. A sixty-eight red chevelle, been acknowledged to raise a
tiny hell. All night, bar fightin some of you all say I ain`t liven appropriate Eat butterbeans and fried spam. But I ain`t what
you all say I am.

Trigger there ain`t no trash in my trailer. Even though you might discover an empty can of beer.
No there ain`t been no trash in my trailer oh no. Given that the day I threw you out of right here.

Verse two
I burn my trash in a drum. Occasionally I shoot my gun. I`m mud boggin, camouflagen, a ball game is what I`m watchen. I work
difficult, mow the yard, fish, hunt, knuckle scar, transform oil, plow the soil, enjoy a boat nation boy.
I wear a suit to church and stuff and Daddy`s the a single that created me tuff. He told me son, don`t be ashamed of who you are and
our household name. I`m makin it proud, sayin it loud, doin my thing a nation crowd.
I inform you the truth and don`t give a damn. But I ain`t what you all say I am.


No theres no trailer trash livin right here.

It`s rather damn spotless around right here now Uncle Mike Ain`t no trash in my trailer.

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