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The Ins And Outs Of Mud Bogging  

Article by Wayne Allen

If you grow up in rural America, often times you will have to devise means to entertain yourself in the event of boredom. Since you aren’t living in downtown Chicago or someplace like that, you don’t have all the options of events and things to do like city folks. Many of these outlets stem from not being scared to get a little dirty if it means some good ole’ fun. I’m certain that’s how mud bogging got its start. And if you don’t know what mud bogging is, I will be proud to introduce you.

There are some things you should know if you are trying to understand this sport. The first being that yes, it is considered a sport to those who participate in it. Another thing being what all is involved in a typical mud bogging experience. I will briefly touch on set ups and how to optimize your mud pit and “mudder” (your vehicle you take to the mud bog).

As was earlier stated, mud bogging is a year round sport in some areas of the country. Obviously winter weather could be a hindrance to the production of mud and therefore northern states make it a more seasonal affair. But there are many different mud bogs throughout a given year in which those who like to get some mud on their tires can get out there and prove who has the best means to tear through the mud.

You need two things to have a successful mud bog: a good ride and good mud. I will address the vehicles later, so we’ll discuss the mud. Typically this is laid out in trench a little wider than the vehicles themselves. It spans anywhere from 1/8 of a mile to a full one depending on the location. If you have a good deal of space and time to set it up, the longer, deeper, and better all around the bog is.

In order to win a mud bog, the driver must pass through the trench of mud successfully. Seems simple enough, right? When you account for the mud being up to 4 feet deep in some cases, it gets a little tricky. Sometimes there will be several that complete the line and make it out of the other side, while alternatively there will be several bogs that see no one safe from being pulled back out. The rules state that whoever made it the farthest wins in the event that no one makes it out without help and if several make it through, the truck with the best time doing so is declared winner.

If you are considering competing in a bog, you have to have the right equipment. This means you have to get a vehicle that can pull you through the trench without blowing itself up. This usually means you need a jeep or a truck; they have strong engines and high rise bodies. Most say not high enough, though, as many mud bogging specialists would encourage new comers to “jack ‘em up”. Meaning, get a lift kit and put on some oversized tires to shred through even the deepest ditches.

Often the racers will play for a community pool of funds or bragging rights, which kind of keeps the sport going in itself. There’s not like a huge market and television exposure, just some good ole’ boys and girls getting some mud on the tires and mixing it up.

Truth be told, mud bogging is an exciting thing to watch as well as participate in. I know from experience. It will never be as big as baseball, but it can certainly say it has made its mark on the adventurous youth of rural America.

About the Author

When you grow up in the country, you have to be creative when it comes to entertainment. This activity is better known as mud bogging to those who do it. Mud bogging may never be as popular as football, but it has created a place for itself among outdoor gamers.

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