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Review of KYMCO’s 2008 ATV, UTV lineup

Any doubt KYMCO’s commitment to the market nonmotorized only way to rapidly examine the needs of the company’s growing line. KYMCO honed his off-road products and expand their range with each model year. Recent efforts by the Taiwanese company is including the so-so MXU 500 utility quad in 2007 and renovated 2008 Mongoose 250 and 300 Quads sport. This time, KYMCO is becoming bolder, and has come to the table with the highly anticipated 500 UXV UTV and the new MXU 375 ATV. We recently traveled to the courtyard of the division of the company in the U.S., South Carolina landscape, ride the entire line of 2008 KYMCO products, and also spent time behind the wheel of his first UTV. At this point, one thing is certain: KYMCO is taking notes and making great progress serious match their American and Japanese competitors in style, performance and product offerings. Setting the table NEWS The scenario was of Carolina Adventure World, a still growing privately owned off-road riding area with more than 100 miles of trails, a swamp of mud and three tennis motocross. We traveled during a visit there before and intros Polaris Kawasaki, and KYMCO as the installation continues to improve as it continues to mature. Temperatures could have been a little more spring-like, but the skies were clear, the grass was green and the conditions were ripe for a bit of mud dotted with off-road. UTV is UXV NEWS Yamaha, Polaris, Arctic Cat and Kawasaki have their next big sale of recreational gamblers aside instead. More job-minded Honda Big Red is on the way soon, and Can-Am recently announced plans for what we hope will be very athletic (beating RZR?) UTV. KYMCO has also been speculation it was preparing its own operator in the category of pop. The rumors were confirmed after the company took the wraps off its new 500 motor UXV at the EICMA Show in Milan, Italy, last fall. Then we have to see for ourselves. Getting out of mere appearance, it seems that the company had the Rhino, Prowler and Teryx firmly in its sights. UTV traditional design suggests a machine designed to split the difference between work and fun, like most successful players in the segment. The specification sheet lists a 500cc four-stroke engine, independent suspension, locking front differential and a tilting cargo bed capable of carrying 420 pounds – the main ingredients to make a request that UTV. Pricing was not finalized at the time of the press and some minor specification prototypes are still subject to change before final production. NEWS Behind The Wheel time was limited, but we have the opportunity to experience KYMCO UTV on the driver and passenger seats and the thick mud, over steep hills and wading through water deep. We had the opportunity to transport cargo around, but our travel time gave us the treasured opportunity to look under the hood and rack up some miles on the UXV. Lateral stability (ie, roll) has been a thorn in the side of many UTVs. To this end, Kymco decided to up the ante with a wide, stable platform that measures 59 inches wide. For comparison, the Prowler is 61. 3 inches wide and measures Rhino 54. 5 inches wide. The extra weight translated into management plans, it is foreseeable that more reassuring than some of the closest competitors in high speed corners. It was winding through the park tight woods riding the trails a little more difficult, however, and will also make it difficult to shoehorn the UXV on the back of a truck. Like the new Teryx, EFI was not included – cost cutting evident to help KYMCO compete on price and top model on the market. No need for the dash-mounted choke, our hot shot UXV quickly. With one foot on the accelerator, the liquid-cooled 500cc four-stroke DOHC felt moderately encumbered by the 1,157 kilos (dry) weight, but the power was sufficient to overcome the steep hills and the power of the great man through the mud holes impressive. A small vibration was present, but engine refinement is consistent with most sport utility segment. The exhaust note sounds more sporty farm, another common trait they share with the other hand almost all-to-side. It’s all business inside the cabin with ruffles minimized. An indicator assembly center displays all the usual cluster information, and the shifter is mounted on the center console between the seats. Shift action was not very good, as the reverse is not always engage when the lever is moved to “R.” Hopefully this can be clarified before final production. Accommodations are right to be in the face with enough money to keep brokers strengthen instead. Foot space and positioning in the script is also white – definitely better than some of its competitors. Top speed is estimated at 45 km / h – ideal for a car of this size and purpose. A suspension is a double-arm design which provides 7. 5 mm of travel at both ends and 12. 2 inches of ground clearance. The transmission includes high and low ranges, and also includes a differential lock. Stop the action comes from two discs in the front and a single disc brake at the rear. The tilting cargo bed is big enough to handle loads up to full-sized 420 pounds, and the tailgate has a simple locking system like the Rhino. Our brief tour revealed a competent work vehicle should have enough ability to play. Pricing is not yet finalized, but expect the competition to some extent. Time will tell. The UXV 500 4×4 will be available in red, green, gray and camouflage, with a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer. MXU adventure 375Our Carolina also includes the time of the prototype utility quad KYMCO latest – the MXU 375. After being overwhelmed by participant last utility company, the MXU 500, we were pleasantly surprised by a competent package at this time. However, like the 500, MXU 375 of schematic front end handling features are a disappointment for aggressive trail riding. Design and build quality are solid, competitive features and intelligent design to prove this now in full operation with American and Japanese competitors. Even with the front chassis occasionally unresolved ‘, remains a no-excuses utility quad mid-shift. While the company is not confirmed, the new MXU engine is shared with new Arctic Cat 366 4×4 utility, and the base platform for the two models are eerily similar. We believe that the version of KYMCO is the best individual player. Its engine, a 366cc four-stroke, is sufficiently powerful and smooth, a perfect combination for the intended purposes. As mentioned, the handling was a mixture, and various hand-held machines with different configurations. The front end handling is as unstable as it is in the variation of Arctic Cat on undulating terrain – too much body roll and steering that is easily thrown out of chaos. The performance of the carburetor and engine-cooling fan is much better – smoother, with a refined exhaust note and power delivery torque. Some characteristics of our test mules, like turn signals and emergency lights, not taken the final version of the U.S. and company engineers are still changing your settings for final braking. The main statistics will see output unchanged – a double wishbone front and rear suspension (7 inches of travel), a CVT with high and low speeds and the brake disc and forth. When it comes to work credentials, small MXU 225 pounds can strap to your racks, and towing 1.050 pounds in its path. This new 375 will be a solid competitor in the entry-level class, with a strong force to the head. Like some manufacturers whose products share similar traits of manipulation, KYMCO has to focus its efforts on building vehicles that keep their composure in the corners and uneven terrain. Competent engine and an attractive style suggest a quad sport utility that has genes in their DNA. That is not really the case, but not far from the mark. NEWS Fresh Goose Our initial evaluation of the event last fall the new and improved Mongoose 300 ATV tests showed a significant list of changes massage entry of the company, CVT Sport Quad level into something more desirable than the original. KYMCO added a (very necessary) the chain more robust and bigger carburetor, stretched the wheelbase with a longer swingarm, the track was expanded by a whopping five inches and softened excessively strong front with a rate of progressive springs. In our last test, the “Goose through the narrow roads of Carolina forward world of adventure and balance. The CVT always surprisingly quick throttle response – more aggressive than expected. Listening to riders, taking notes and Constant evolution has served the company and its products as well. From feeding the liquid-cooled 270cc engine could still be stronger, especially at the top, but the vibration of the propulsion system was not a problem, so it’s happy being pushed hard. body roll is kept under control and the type of progressive springs produce a ride that is much more comfortable than the ’07 model. The changes are especially notable for rough roads. A CVT transmission on a quad sport is still quite rare, but well suited to the tight, winding trails we go. Yield Spunky, strong management and a sub-$ 3,800 price make this affordable entry-level quad, a smart choice for riders in search of sport the ease of a CVT. While not had a chance to ride it, updates made to the ’08 Mongoose 300 is also applied to the 250. This pair of mongooses (Mongeese?) is now there with the best machines in class.

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