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P~ 1 The MUD BOG at Good Times 4×4′s Sept 2010

Thanks to Good Times 4×4′s for having us there for the Third year of videoing for them and all the members and People that come to the event … Thanks to the Barnyard Boggers ,Friday 4×4′s and Home Grown 4×4′s also NEW at the club as a Club but been coming to the event for years is the BORN MUDDERS 4×4′s.. Check out more videos like this and Motor Sports at our website for FREE theoutlawvideoss.webs.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “P~ 1 The MUD BOG at Good Times 4×4′s Sept 2010”

  • Fischer0Dude:

    I wish I had more money than brains.

  • melindaland:

    maybe you should invest in some horse power as none of these trucks can even push there tires



  • peterfiechtl:

    that is some deep goo. holy jeebus.

  • kris5768:

    It has been years since I’ve been boggin in GA….I recall our boggin holes being a bit longer and not quite so deep. My uncle had ‘The Bandit’ (a jacked up green pinto) that gave the trucks a run for their money LOL

  • TheRumskulla:

    wikid vid mate, weve got nuthin like that down here in aust, i love mud trucks and the v8 power, although i bought what is considred as a large 4×4 down here (toyota landcruiser 79 series, 33 bighorn764 tyres, pacemaker extractors on a 4.2 diesel inline 6) also the sedan type that blew up in white smoke, was that a rod or somthing coming throught the bottom of a sump?????????. again great vid :)

  • dixie01ify:

    nice trucks but that aint mud half them trucs would have made it through that shit if it was


    watched this 5 times and still get a massive rush when 19 blows

  • frickjac000:

    u suck chevy owners ou are $luts!

  • davefisher24:

    wonder how muddin would work if someone had those big ass sand rail paddle tires on there?

  • chevroletboy7:

    i woulda loved to’ve been there to c cooter run

  • TheGamer5457:

    hell ya to the rebel flag real rednecks

  • phatrides222000:

    monster gm: your tires sucked, u could have made it further
    That car: well fried the tranny, stayed in it dead engine. Hope he is rich.

  • 007superspy1:

    dude i dont care what anybody says cooters truck is the best truck out there loud pipes save lives!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanx for keeping the orig sound and no music!!

  • slight87:

    @Jessereasoner florida is mudding in wet sand up north is the place to be muddin we got real mud (dirt) not sand

  • DangerousPower13:

    Holy hell, that mud is thick as hell.

  • lQtasticl:

    at 1:40 what is it you guys used to cover all of the exposed engine parts and the fan etc..?

  • Monza24vR6:

    @Justy330 I accidentally clicked the wrong button, making a thump down. That was not my chioce. Sorry about that. ;)

  • MrRickydill:

    Good video,But enough with the zooming in and out.

  • vmasaatukorala:

    I wish to thank you so much in your help in this matte busizz4me.info

  • 12Achilleas:

    if you want to see more dip mud watch my videos bicycle muddying videos prefer the part 3 that at the end it has a dip spot and part 1 hope you have fun please subscribe

  • MrJudThePud16:

    whats with all this giant tires like im not trying to bag on you guys but it cant be all to fun with giant ties open difs and no wheel speed?


    HAHAHA!! that white car sucks ass!!

  • stifoam:

    I Love the Intro!!

  • Jessereasoner:

    Cant believe i watched this.. Its like a retard version of mudding. Come see how them Florida Boys do it!!

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