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I want something on introduct MB-M346E07 bike. Features: 1) Frame: steel suspension frame 2) Fork: steel suspension fork3) Tire size: 26 “x 1. 95 black rims 4) Border: 26 x 14g x 36h x 1 75. Alloy rim5) Pinion: Z066 SHIMANO) Chain wheel and crank: ED teeth, clear chaincover, CP crank 7) brake: steel insert resin V-brake8) Derailleur: SHIMANO TY189) Shifter: Shimano 18-speed grip shifter bicycle More M346E07 MB-2005 Bigfoot monster truck racing arizonae in the truck is an automobile, typically styled after pickup trucks, modified or purposely built with extremely large wheels and suspension. Used to popular sports competition and entertainment and in some cases appear alongside Motocross races, mud flows, tractor pulls and car-eating robots. They are the most popular in the United States. Typically, a monster truck show involves the truck crushing vehicles children with their huge tires. These trucks can run and most of the artificial barriers, so they are equipped with remote switch closure, called the Remote Ignition Interuptor (RII), to help prevent an accident if the driver loses control at any time. In some events, only one truck is on the field at a time, while most feature two drivers from each other in symmetrical tracks, with the driver loses eliminated in a single form of disposal the tournament. In recent years, many monster truck competitions have ended freestyle an “event.” Something like figure skating with giant trucks, drivers are free to choose their own path around the track and its obstacles . Drivers often try to ‘Donuts’ wheelstands and jumps during this segment. Additional elements for the drivers to crush – usually including a motor home – are often placed on the subject specifically for the freestyle event. Sometimes they put obstacles on the track include school buses and small aircraft Afterburner own. HistoryThe U.S. Air Force to perform at Monster Jam in Las VegasIn end of 1970, are increasingly popular trucks and sport of mud bogging and truck pulling were gaining in popularity. Several truck owners had created lifted trucks to compete in those events, and soon competition to hold the title of “biggest truck” developed. The trucks which garnered the most attention nationally was Bigfoot Bob Chandler is the first Monster Truck, and Mr. Fred Shafer and Jack Willman ‘s Bear Foot, and Jeff King Kong Dane Simultaneously, the largest tires the trucks were running were 48 inches (1. 2m) in diameter . On 14 June 1974 Bob Chandler drove over cars in a field making BIGFOOT the first Monster Truck to crush cars. Bigfoot Chandler took over a couple of cars in a field as a test of the ability the truck, and filmed for use as a promotional tool in its drive to store four wheel performance. An event promoter saw the video of the car crush and asked Chandler to do it in front of a crowd. initially hesitant, Chandler finally gave in after some small shows, Chandler performed the feat in the Pontiac Silverdome in 1982. In this show, Chandler also debuted a new version of Bigfoot with 66 inch (1. 7m) diameter tires. At an event prior to the 80′s when BIGFOOT was still running 48 tires terra?, Bob George, one of the owners of a company promoting motorsport called Truck-a-rama, is said to have coined the phrase “Monster Truck” referring to Bigfoot. The term “truck” became the generic name for all trucks with tires large land. Both King Kong and Bigfoot Bear Foot followed a 66-inch diameter monster truck tires and soon others, like King Krunch, USA-1, and Virginia Giant were being constructed. These early trucks were built off of stock chassis which were heavily reinforced, used leaf spring suspension, a body of values and axes military forts in support of the tires . As a result, the trucks were incredibly heavy (usually 13,000 to £ 20,000) and most times had to climb into the cars. For most of the 1980s, monster trucks performed primarily as a presentation exhibitions from side to trucks hauling or mud bogging events. In 1985, the most important promoters, such as the USHRA and TNT Motorsports, began to compete with trucks on a regular basis. The races, as they are today, were in drag racing is only the elimination, held in a route full of obstacles. The change to racing eventually led to the truck owners to begin building light trucks with more power. The establishment of the first TNT – always the championship points of monster trucks in 1988 accelerated the process and find the teams start to directly use the rail frames, fiberglass bodies, and lighter axle components to shave weight and gain speed. In 1988, standardize the rules for truck and construction safety, Bob Chandler and George Carpenter formed the Monster Truck Racing Association (MTRA). Mtra created safety standards to govern Monster Trucks. The organization still plays an important role in the development of sport in the U.S. and the EU. truckWith Batman racing taking precedence, several teams began to think in new ways that trucks can be built. Towards the end of 1988, Gary Cook and David Morris debuted Equalizer, a truck with a combination of coil springs y. .. (and so on) for more information, visit some products on terracotta tiles, CV axles,. M346E07 The MB-bike products to be displayed over here!

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