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Ga Mud Bogging Dallas Feb 9th

Ga Mud Bogging Dallas Feb 9th Juicy Bits! http://www.facebook.com/BadGasVideo Observe in HD! Ac/Dc Fire Your Guns!

4 Responses to “Ga Mud Bogging Dallas Feb 9th”

  • Max Miller:

    Pretty sure that about %99 of the vehicles in this video are street legal, besides its only illegal if ya get caught

  • Max Jones:

    hell yeah redneck all the way

  • num1ksfan:

    Thanks, that why i do the open bog video’s too. Check them out!

  • mud man:

    nice vid, but i’ll never understand why folks put music over the more awesome sound of a screaming v8. i’d rather hear 8 pistons screaming than ac/dc or anyone else.

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