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dodge mud bog

my new power wagon on its maiden voyage

25 Responses to “dodge mud bog”

  • LittleDarlene123:

    @hitman7777777777 your right GMC and Chevrolet are the same
    we bought 3 dodges for our company and all were POS’s
    my uncles truck blew the tranny out twice
    3 transfer cases
    rear axle
    and motor at 1600 miles!!!!
    my dads blew up at 3300 miles and the rear axle broke casing it to slide out 8 inches out of the housing. the whole rear tire slid out. and a tranny and a trasfer case.
    my grandpas went threw 1 tranny and 1 transfer case
    we sold them all at aroud 5,000 miles POS

  • cummins59ish:

    @hitman7777777777 haha wow your an idiot that guy jus made you his bitch he jus told u whats up and he is right bout everything dumb ass

  • koolerv8kid:

    Dude, chalk another one up for Mopar. Sweet video and great driving.

  • storsy:

    hate to say it but gmc and silverado are both exactly the same.. different front ends.. THATS IT gmc is just a more luxury truck i guess u could say.. silverado more of a work truck. dunno why

  • hitman7777777777:

    i am glad u can read a magazine. go back to preschool now and have fun. bich

  • slammed87c10:

    Not gonna Agure… GMC and Chevrolet trucks are mostly identical,GMC have slight trims differences from Chevrolets (i.e. grille, emblems.
    I restore them dumbass. the engines from a GMC will go right into a chevy. ei. most commin in older trucks. 262, 292, 305, 350. and in the newer trucks they all used 4.8,5.3, and the 6.0 LS based engines they both used the 4l60E and the 4l80E transmissions the 60 in the light trucks the 80 in the 3/4 tons. i be

  • dylanm48:

    Chevy’s are better but decent video

  • abh081408:

    why even bring the boat…?? lol

  • hitman7777777777:

    nice another retard.. i have owned both the sierra and silverado and trust me completely different trucks.. both peices of sht thats the only thing they have in common

  • slammed87c10:

    @hitman7777777777 oh if they are completely different why to they both run the same engines….same transmissions the only thing different is usually the gille and badges and interior. dont argue with someone who clearly knows more than you. take a close look at a serria and a silverado. look under the hood. and tell me they are not both made by the same company..

  • iCummins03:

    i agree with you go job telling off lakefield

  • hitman7777777777:

    are u retarded? seriously? do u know that there is a chevy 1500 and a gmc piece of shit.. the two are completely different. like honestly go back to preschool f@git.

  • slammed87c10:

    @hitman7777777777 last time i remember….Chevy is a GM product? but thats just me talkin…..

  • hitman7777777777:

    lol? did u even watch the entire vid? and gm is nothing. its either dodge ford or chev. gm is not even in the picture

  • lakefield:

    stupid fuckers, shouldda gone with a gm, when u gonna learn?

  • SuperSuperserial:

    Haha after 15 seconds of spinning tires, he was like “oh dude im not moving, I’d better back up”

  • GuerillaXunit:

    nice man Rams all the way

  • assault301:

    @captin only a dodge would stop at the one place… ;p most of the other brands woulda made it 1st time… Ha ha jk nice

  • fordhighboy1:

    hope that was ur friends new truck

  • catfishpro3:

    Thats gotta be one hell of a fishing spot that you gotta go through that to get to it

  • vampirefreak1123:

    Listen to the dude laugh LMFAO

  • ragnotgizmo:

    not bad

  • Mr2505federal:

    Yeah if I bought a new truck the first I would want to do is wreck it and beat the shit out of it!

  • sycamorelanes:

    Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnn lol

  • 91CTD:

    no they don’t.

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