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C-Town Mud Bogging Part 2(The Recovery)

Same trucks as in the first video, just this video is all the recovery attempts in what turned out to be a piss poor place to mud bog.

22 Responses to “C-Town Mud Bogging Part 2(The Recovery)”

  • ZR2SS:

    I hear ya, lucky no grass was burnt in the production of this video, that shit was way too wet!

  • ZR2SS:

    Nice! Shoot me a msg when you get videos up!

  • littlejimmy216:

    id be careful about screwing around in all that grass, ive been stuck in grass and had the grass catch on fire

  • terrymilby:

    Give me time, I have a 90 ford bronco eddie bauer with 33″ boggers!

  • ZR2SS:

    @terrymilby I don’t see any videos of this Ford Bronco? Amazing all the guys that make comments don’t have videos… :)

  • terrymilby:

    the problem is that there Chevys, Ford bronco would go thru them little ruts!

  • jawsfx44:

    call the big red ford next time!

  • ZR2SS:


    I hear ya! I’m really looking at a 79-87 Chevy to build… No more IFS for me although my ZR2 has been one tough truck.

  • 01fxdlse:

    I live in TX and most ppl muddin around here have big tires..or wish they did. I had a Hilux Yota on 31s and got high centered everytime I went muddin…Now I have a Jimmy on 36s and don’t have that problem as much..but around here 33s are like stock sized tired if your at a mud hole..look forward to seeing some of your new vids, later

  • ZR2SS:

    Actually those ruts were made by us… Like I said all these trucks are our daily drivers… 35″+ of tire isn’t very streetable… One day I think a few of us are going to build rigs for mudding.

  • 01fxdlse:

    Man..yall need to make some friends that have big trucks..like trucks with 35in or bigger tires..you know the ruts you were stuck in?..those were from the trucks I am talkin about lol good vid tho.

  • ZR2SS:

    “Lets Get Dirty” By Heartland

  • boss407:

    what is the name of the song

  • alpinetypeR666:

    amen, i drive a 2wheel drive 4cylinder 5speed s10..and i have gotten stuck 2 times..and i mud almost everyday..ive had to pull out an f-150 with 6inches of lift…and 37inch tires..ive grown up a chevy boy..so im gonna like chevs more then anything..but as u said..its all in the driver…and decent tires help out too

  • ZR2SS:

    What you don’t see on Cam is the Dodge getting stuck up to it’s axles trying to pull one of the Chevy’s out… We needed the Tahoe to pull his ass out of that hole… but it’s okay Chevy, Dodge, Ford.. Honest it’s the driver not the truck…

  • gixxerman87:

    i love chevys but i love dodges more out of all the trucks that got stuck who came 90% the dodge did that just goes to show u which is better

  • ZR2SS:

    Cochrane Ontario Canada, Way up in Northern Ontario

  • brad11344:

    where is c town

  • ZR2SS:

    Cochrane Ontario Canada, quite a ways up north. Right now I have more footage but it’s not worth uploading due to being poor quality. Soon enough I will get some snow wheeling videos up though, once the snow hits.

  • dieselyota:

    Great vids man love it.Wear abouts in c-town i use to live by Bloomfield school and wheeled around route 9 and the 225 a few years ago.

  • ZR2SS:

    I will defintely make sure to film that dodge in a good stuck next time. Since someone didn’t want me filming it stuck up to the axles in black muck!

  • StephnEdee:

    and one of those mobile trucks was the DODGE!!!

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