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4×4 Toyotas Mud Bogging

us bama boys showing you all how it is done!!!

25 Responses to “4×4 Toyotas Mud Bogging”

  • CODEEmx527:

    @gnarlysurfingdude im 17 and i have a tundra :(


    3 Toyotas, Nice =)

  • USMCsniper091:

    @gnarlysurfingdude i agree man! i had some fuckin punk in a honda pull up to my 83 ford 4×4 and be like i bet i can out run u im like try it lmao i sucked his civic in my intake and spit him out my exhaust :) im runnin a 351 windsor bored out to push 421 horse

  • TheHiroCameron:

    Your parents bought it just like mines did… 18 btw.

  • gentrychase08:

    Ya puddle..

  • youfja:

    Sounds like your from my home town Kentucky,but we didn’t grow rice.
    So It’s got to be Japan

  • youfja:

    Do it in Japan

  • LAXcannons34:

    toyotas are unstoppable
    damn, thats pretty deep shit man
    thats a bunch a sweet tacomas too

  • Proedge352:

    @gnarlysurfingdude had I been a spoiled little bitch at 17 I sure as hell wouldnt have spent $35K on a low to the ground space ship looking piece of shit 2wd tundra . $35k and its 2wd ? get real, your a jackass. buy a real truck

  • gnarlysurfingdude:

    @Proedge352 actually no man, my friend has a civic and he goes to parties with me out at where I film these videos and he can not go through that. I like to see you aford a 35 thousand dollar truck at the age of 17. ass hole

  • Proedge352:

    this is not how its “done” if anything its how not to do it good way to ruin a truck by haulin ass through water , and wheres the mud ? a friigin civic could go through that little puddle if you hit going that fast .

  • kfed3567:

    Haha she said the Tundra would get stuck! That thing would drag those little shitty tacomas through the woods in 2WD

  • SlateTundra:

    That’s one way to give it a good wash!

  • gnarlysurfingdude:

    @junkey55 your the one arguing on the enternet lmao not me, you knew that ou posting that first comment will get a bunch of negative replies hahaha

  • junkey55:

    all i said was your title sucked you FUCKING IDIOT and actually you know what im just gonna leave it at that because arguing over the internet is pointless and retarded so fuck you im out of here

  • gnarlysurfingdude:

    well then why comment my video like you know whats good and whats not, I made this video from boredom. I did not go out and be like ” hey, I am only gonna film if it gets crazy as hell!!! ” NO I am not gonna be like that, we all just filmed random videos. So if you don’t like my videos then just stay the FUCK of my channel!!!! the people that have negative comment about the truck are all 100% kids that have no truck and they all try to talk all big

  • junkey55:

    whats there to back up? im not talking crap and excuse me for not having a camera and/or a truck cuz im only 15!….asshole

  • gnarlysurfingdude:

    don’t comment my videos man, especially if you don’t even have any videos of a truck to back you up

  • junkey55:

    sorry i was just trying to point out that the title of the video is a little misleading

  • gnarlysurfingdude:

    no really!?!? I did not know that……..

  • junkey55:

    its just water -.-

  • gnarlysurfingdude:

    @Char92dj8 Bro stay off my channel man. Your not welcome here, toyota fans and chevy fans are the only ones allowed here

  • Char92dj8:


  • gnarlysurfingdude:

    thanks for the comment bud =)

  • geoBM818:

    Thats the way to drive a Tundra! Fuck Yeah dude!

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