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2008 toyota tundra 4×4 in some mud

2008 toyota tundra 4×4 in some mud in Minnesota. 400 horsepower, dual exhaust, cold air intake, lift kit, 33 inch super swampers. So much better than stock!!

25 Responses to “2008 toyota tundra 4×4 in some mud”

  • carsonpriest:

    “piece of cake..mighty tundra” haha yeah when he switches to 4wd at 130

  • hadl4344:

    The goverment own the Navy and army. Anything wrong with them? They paid it back anyway.

    Rather that than a recall anyday

  • arcadmankiller:

    i love toyota and gm ill always buy toyota car and gm trucks but toyota is the most reliable vehicle on the market and gm paid the gov’ back all the money and intrest so gm is gm agian! gm has the most shittty new cars ever but i love there trucks!

  • soldiershaun:

    were are you at in MN i am in lidgerwood ND

  • tundralover:

    @autom0bile At least Toyota still owns the Trucks they make

  • tundralover:

    @willlh76 You can talk all the shit you want about Toyota but look at facts Toyota still owns Toyota the goverment owns GM

  • meattube4u33:

    I would never put my family in a toyota death trap, they have gone to shit and it shows, also that was just a friggin puddle

  • Tundra94x4:

    To bad that the government owns 61% of GM!!! Those pieces of shit don’t even own themselves!! Toyota for life!!

  • ovenblast:

    1st try trying to go in that mud with 2wd was horse shit..
    he wouldn’t have gotten out if it wasn’t for the 4WD ..

    i drive a 2009 GMC Sierra 2500HD 6.0L .. with AirAid cold air Intake system + Magna Flow catback + hptuned .. and i easily offroad with 2wd .. 4wd when i’m climbing high dunes.

    american kicks ass (japanese ass). ;P

  • niggtardd:

    The electronic traction control fucks you in 2WD on the Tundra, gotta take a run at it :)

  • 61highlander61:

    My Audi A4 couldve made it through that let alone my truck

  • willlh76:

    i agrre that chevy is always gonna b the best. and people buyin toyaota and nissan is what is hurting the big 3. and 1 quick question… if toyota is such a badass truck y didnt he make he threw with ease in 2wd??? mmy chevy would have. that shit wasnt even close to deep. wen the bottom of the doors are under the mud and ur only in 4 hi and not stuck… ill b impressed. till then chevy is best. then dodge then ford. fuck toyota and nissan @autom0bile

  • BikJakschi:

    UAZ Hunter- Power!
    Toyota tundra – Shit

  • gtvapsamtik:

    @kidcorvair how many miles u got on it ?

  • hamd101a:

    @5cylcoupe Toyota builds the truck in America dummy and thus is putting Americans to work. Yeah, the profits may head back to Japan, but so what? Japan buys our military hardware and we buy their vehicles…boo hoo, cry me a river.

    BTW Kiddo Narrator — you did a great job!

  • 111thomas111:

    @5cylcoupe go suck a redneck.why is it shit? give me a reason

  • 111thomas111:

    @19814500citationss no you suck dick go listen to rednex you redneck

  • 19814500citationss:

    toyotas suck dick buy amarican

  • 43405555:

    Really? there was a whole bunch of people talking about how bad the Tundra was, they said the Frame really sucked..

  • jnavarro2484:

    Beautiful Tundra! I just bought a 2010 4.6DC and I am absolutely inlove with it! I can only imagine the 5.7 monster that you have! The 4.6 was perfect for my needs! I intend on towing my harley and maybe a 23-27 foot Open fisherman in the future. By the way, is that a super 40 flowmaster or 40 series? What are the differences if you happen to know/ Anyways, enjoy that truck! She is a beauty!!!

  • kidcorvair:

    @43405555 Never any problems.

  • 43405555:

    While having the Tundra, has there been any problems at all?

  • franciscopizano123:

    japan power :)

  • Mario4Italy:

    @5cylcoupe well than the americans should build better trucks or just fuck off and stop being greedy.

  • 5cylcoupe:

    stop talking about that truck kid ur fucking annoying me. That truck is a piece of shit. Why would your dad even get that turd? I bet he’s proud he’s putting americans out of work driving that gayass truck. Buy an import and put your neighbor out of work. Buy another and put yourself out of work. All the profits go back to japan when you buy their vehicles

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