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Is “Off Roading” a sport?

Question by Sara: Is “Off Roading” a sport?
Do you believe it is a sport? For all you men and women who off road, we all know it requires skill to climb, crawl, and mud via terrains without acquiring stuck or flipping. I just want some opinions given that most people believe it is just obtaining a vehicle off the street when it is a absolutely various thing!

Greatest answer:

Reply by ckosturaI consider it a pastime.

I like to snowboard, i also do not think about that a sport both.

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GTA 5 – On the internet – MUD BOGGING!!

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Nordic rockcrawling championship 2009 in Sweden

Tävlingen avgjordes i Tingsryd, sverige.
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Tyre, New York

Tyre, New York
Image by Dougtone
Tyre, New York… Continue reading

How rough are you with your Jeep Wrangler when off-roading?

Question by Philip Rivers ®: How rough are you with your Jeep Wrangler when off-roading?
-I just took my 2006 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon off-roading a few days ago. Nothing crazy, some off-road trails, fairly steep inclines. I had a bad experience with a Ford F-150 in the snow….so i have become a little paranoid. This Rubicon is my daily driver. I don’t want to tear it up, but still have some fun.

Best answer:

Answer by HiHoodThere’s often a lot of money tied up into these things just to rip em up. Both my Wranglers were YJs and one I had built pretty good. It was locked and would tend to get bent and dinged here and there.

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ATV GP (Computer-CD)


  • Quad tuning (categories: 125 cc, 250 cc, 450 cc, 600 cc)
  • Realistic weather effects, 8 types of locations
  • 12 tracks for GP mode, 4 closed tracks for collision course
  • 4 hill climb tracks
  • From 3 to 7 opponents

ATV GP – A fast and wild racing game! This game assures great gameplay, audio, and an outstanding visual experience.
Take part in the wildest racing event with ATV GP. It’s time to thunder around the dirt tracks of the world and fight for

List Price: $ 3.94