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The RC Rock Crawling Frenzy  

Article by Robert Saturday

If you are new to remote control rock crawling, you will quickly come to know that there is a lot to learn and many choices to make before committing to the hobby. Although rock crawling is a newer hobby within the remote control car/truck world, it is has taken off and is now the most popular off-road rc hobby out there. It has even gotten quite competitive in the US, the UK and Australia. So, let’s dive in and talk about what is needed to get started in this fun and exciting way to spend your day.

Let’s define some terms so that you have an idea of what people are talking about. RC rock crawling simply describes the hobby of taking… Continue reading

The Essential Guide to Road Bike Cycling: Mind, Body & Budget

The Essential Guide to Road Bike Cycling: Mind, Body & Budget
A ‘must have’ new cycling ebook covering how to get the most out of road bike cycling, in terms of goals and attitude (Mind), training (Body) and Budget, for various road cycling styles. A fantastic reference for beginners through to experienced riders.
The Essential Guide to Road Bike Cycling: Mind, Body & Budget

Super Bowl Ticket Secrets.

Super Bowl Ticket Secrets.
The Most Complete Guide To Super Bowl Tickets On The Planet – Guaranteed! Stop Watching The Big Game On Tv.
Super Bowl Ticket Secrets.

AutoSock HP 735 Winter Traction Aid, For High Performance Tires

AutoSock HP 735 Winter Traction Aid, For High Performance Tires

  • Easy-to-mount, self-centering alternative to tire chains
  • Safe on aftermarket wheels and can be used with electronic traction control systems and ABS
  • Lightweight, easy-to-store, reusable, and machine washable
  • Each set comes with two AutoSocks, user manual, storage bag, and gloves
  • Only one set per vehicle required, even for AWD and 4WD applications

AutoSock – the simple solution to maximise grip on snow and ice. The secret: high performance fibers. A perfect temporary winter traction aid for vehicles. Quick and easy to fit and remove. Proven to improve cars’ safety systems. Reusable.

List Price: $ 99.00


Watching 4×4 Videos Of Mud Bogging  

Article by Wayne Allen

Entertaining and exciting mud bogging 4×4 videos can be found online by performing a simple search with your preferred search engine. Once on the website, you will find people flying through mud pits and off-road obstacles. Many of these treks can last a day or several days and the drivers are out there not only having fun, but in some cases, earning competitive trophies and cash.

Mud bogging is also a sport that has taken off for the young and old, men and women. It’s become quite popular even in the county fair circuit. Many county fairs throughout the nation promote mud bogging, demolition derby’s and 4×4 monster truck races.

To get an idea of what all happens and goes on with this… Continue reading

Square Body Pick-Ups  

Article by 1TUF99

I decided to write this article on that dream truck that every guys would like to have. First we will start with, well where else the body style. For me the 1972 Chevy C-10 is one of the coolest body styles around it just looks around clean simple and can be built as a street-rod or a mud truck. The interior is one of coolest parts of these trucks, the gauge facing is old school round gauges and it gives it almost a futuristic feel but at the same time a old school feel. As well as the bench seating is simple and comfortable.

The next part is pretty obvious, the engine, for me i have always been a fan of… Continue reading