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LFCC: Tumbler Batmobile

super swampers
Image taken on 2010-07-18 15:06:06 by Craig Grobler… Continue reading

How to change tires for off road vehicles

atv , lawntractor, motorcycle tire remove from rim technique… Continue reading

tire groove TSL Super Swamper

tire grooving with van alstine g-1000 unit… Continue reading

The Correct Mud Tyres For Your Truck

If you like the mud, then you need? the pneumatic? ticos suitable for outstanding performance off road. Four-wheel enthusiasts who crave the outdoors and getting dirty want a tire? Tico s not? It looks aggressive but work on the slick mud. These pneumatic? Est ticos? N made for the outdoors and have spectral patterns? Ficosa thread to match your application and not all pneumatic? Mud ticos (as they say in the UK and Australia) are created equal. If our climbing and a huge rock track tread to be? smooth and grip to whisk away instead of clay as a major? to rock the trails are m? s on the dry side of things. For fun in the mud that certain pneumatic? Ticos made for this also? No, it depends… Continue reading

Old tyre

Image taken on 2008-11-15 13:28:13 by Horrgakx… Continue reading

Long Lasting Performance is One of the Main Advantages of Firestone Tires

Inflatable? ticos Bridgestone Firestone pneumatic or are best? ticos to suit any of their vehicles. Inflatable? ticos Firestone have been design house with the new technology to provide performance and durability. The pneumatic? Ticos Firestone has a long history of m? S 100 to? Years. The company ‘a was founded by Harvey Firestone in 1900. The two main types of pneumatic? Ticos Firestone are pneumatic? Ticos career and pneumatic? Ticos street. The pneumatic? Tico street is 8 inches in width and weight of the Inflatable? Tico is 33 pounds. The design or the tread is mail and by allowing the pneumatic? Tico running on all terrains. The warranty? A lifetime is given by the company of 80,000 miles. The performance of… Continue reading