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Hummer H3 wheeling at Slick Rock

Me wheeling my Hummer H3 at Slick Rock… Continue reading

Tires 003

super swampers
Image taken on 2009-03-14 18:21:28 by TurnDriverSide… Continue reading

Tyres/Tires Are Important , Look After Them

The tires are one of the most misunderstood and underappreciated parts of a vehicle. Although it is assumed by many simply as a cushion to keep your wheel rims get damaged, in fact, your tires are only one point of contact between high-speed movement of the vehicle and the road. Consequently, the amount of control you have over your car depends largely on the tires. This article will explain what the tires for your car, the consequences of poor maintenance of their tires, and what you can do to ensure that their attempts are reliable and safe. Every aspect of the tire has been carefully designed to provide the greatest amount of control over his car. The type of tire rubber… Continue reading

Dangerous Tires

ABC News 20/20 Brian Ross Investigates. Uploaded by the Andy Moore Scholarship Fund… Continue reading

Stampede VXL Mud Bogging

traxxas stampede vxl mud bogging, driving my stampede vxl 3s velineon brushless stampede through mud, check out my channel for more traxxas videos, traxxas stampede vxl mudding, traxxas stampede vxl bogging… Continue reading

Off Roaders 2

Taken from the smash hit show… Fast Show… Continue reading