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Rv Tires: It Is Where The Rubber Meets The Road!

It’s not the RV tire we ride on. . . it’s the pocket of air inside. . . it holds us up and gets us down the road. What is the science behind our RV tires?  Why is it that these tires suffer from sidewall cracking, and rot?  Is there anything we can do to prevent this premature degrading of our RV tires?  Why is it that we do not suffer the same issues with the tires we put on our automobiles… the ones that we drive every day?  When we understand the answers to these questions, I believe we will then get better service life out of our RV tires. I am thinking that the solution to the above questions… Continue reading

my 83 chevy with 38in super swampers

Powerline Park Mud Bogging 2 Labor Day 2008

Powerline Park in St. Clairsville, OH is a mud boggers dream whether you are on a four wheeler or you have the biggest of trucks. This video is the second from Labor Day weekend. You can quickly tell that Powerline Park has some serious mud action and good times. The park is open four weekends a year… Continue reading

Wagoneer, Wrangler and a Tacoma Off-Roading. Part 1 of 2.

Jeep Wagoneer, Two Jeep Wranglers and a Toyota Tacoma Off-Roading. Part 1 of 2. June 2004… Continue reading

Mud bogging car catches fire

Mud bogging car catches on fire… i forgot the camera was on for a sec but i got most of it. The person was ok… Continue reading

Losi Rock Crawling Team at the 2008 Mid-West Challenge

Colorado crawlers take a road trip to KC… Continue reading