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Super Swamper Tires

What tread [sic] is normal on a car? My front tires are 7/32 and my back tires are 9/32 . . . sorry, I know nothing about tires but when to buy them. I looked at both pairs (which I bought at different times) and they both seemed to have a reasonable amount of tread [sic] left . . . please help ^O^… Continue reading

How do the super swamper IROK’s wear on the road?

What size super swamper tsl will fit my 2001 dodge ram sport w/ factory 3in lift and additional 3in body lift?

With no rubbing at all…

New Hampshire off-roading

In weare, New Hampshire watching some off roading… Continue reading

Z-71 38′ super swampers

92 Z-71 38/12.50/15 with 9′lift… Continue reading

What kind of tires should I get for my 1989 Chevy 1500?

It is a shortbed and a body length of three inches. Mastercraft I now im not sure what the exact name, but the reason for new ones. I have to go 33′s for now and Im thinking, 35, Im not sure if I have been sufficiently cleared. I want a mud tire, the very robust, but not quite as strong as a Super Swamper Thornbird and can not cost more than $ 150 apiece. I ride on 16 “polished wheels American Racing. THANK YOU!… Continue reading