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xmods for sale!! swamper tires, batteries, charger, dirft wheel kit, neon effect kit

all up for sale! comment me… Continue reading

Jeep CJ-7 with V8, Detroit Locker and Super Swampers

More about the build of this Jeep here: www.offroaders.com … A CJ-7 with a 360 V8, Detroit Locker and Super Swampers making a hill climb look easy… Continue reading

Anyone with a motorcycle wanna trade for a K5 Blazer with new 33″ super swamper tires ?

I am a firefighter stationed in Iraq now, I want to ride a bike when I go in June. . Would you for a K5 Blazer with a 350 motor trade, a removable roof, new head and 33 “tires …. The Blazer is super signal at my home in northern Michigan … Thanks… Continue reading

Mud King Tires From Bridgestone

mudkingtires.blogspot.com Get Mud King Tires for off roading in your 4-wheel drive truck. Some people think these tires are just OK. I’m here to tell you that these off road tires are like the best super swamper tires you can find… Continue reading

How Loud Are 33×13.50 Super Swampers?

About this loud…short demo video… Continue reading

What all-terrain radial tires are the best for my truck?

I have a 2005 Silverado Z-71 extended cab. Now everything works, no changes. I wish I had tires that are wider and more aggressive than the current tires on the road, but I rarely go off road. If I do the emergency exits, etc.. . . not necessarily Great Swamp. Perhaps an upgrade kit and larger tires? The right size now is P265/70/R17… Continue reading